One Piece Chapter 1042 shows just how strong Kaido is

Always bet on Kaido, whether it's land, sea, or air (Image via Toei Animation)
Always bet on Kaido, whether it's land, sea, or air (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1042 is yet another demonstration of why Kaido is the world's strongest creature.

There is no doubt that Luffy has given him a great fight. The flame clouds holding up the floating island are becoming far weaker now.

Kaido also holds the Straw Hat in very high regard, putting him at the level of Kozuki Oden himself. However, One Piece Chapter 1042 reveals that Kaido also has a tendency to hold back.

Whether it's his new drunken technique or ability to predict the future, Kaido is far more powerful than fans may realize. Luffy deserves credit for making him go that far in the first place. Rest assured, One Piece Chapter 1042 is a firm reminder that future antagonists have a lot to live up to.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's personal views and contains major spoilers

Kaido is a complete force of nature in One Piece Chapter 1042

One Piece Chapter 1042 mainly focused on the fierce clash between Luffy and Kaido. Kaido finally got to pull out several tricks from his bag, which he has been holding back since the start of the Onigashima Raid.

Kaido knows Future Sight

This is a major revelation that changes everything about Kaido's fighting style. One Piece Chapter 1042 starts with Luffy repeatedly punching Kaido, who is in a drunken state. Despite his condition, he casually reveals that he can see into the future with Observation Haki.

Keep in mind that not many characters possess this rare ability. Whether or not Kaido used it before remains unknown. What is known is that Kaido allows his opponents to deliver several hits before giving one in return. Readers can only imagine what could happen if he busted out Future Sight regularly.

He can also shift forms constantly

Right after using his Future Sight abilities, Kaido changes into his dragon form and swiftly dodges Luffy's attacks. He then sends Luffy crashing through the castle with his Boro Breath.

Although Luffy gets up and hits Kaido with a Kong Gun, the latter demonstrates his fluid transitions between Zoan forms.

After going down in a cloud of dust, Kaido quickly assumes his hybrid form and blasts Luffy with Hourai Hakke. The mastery of his Devil Fruit is completely undeniable.

Kaido's endurance feats can hardly be replicated

Ever since the Onigashima Raid started, Kaido has been fighting almost non-stop. He endured several powerful attacks from the Red Scabbards, the Supernovas, and even his daughter Yamato. Yet Kaido somehow always gets right back up.

One Piece Chapter 1042 shows him taking as much damage as he dishes out. Kaido was on the receiving end of Gear Fourth punches multiple times, each of them coated with Conqueror's Haki. He even took a Kong Gun directly to his face, which had to be very painful.

Some readers may be wondering how Luffy will beat Kaido in the end. Whether it's through a Gear Fifth, a Devil Fruit Awakening, or something completely different, Luffy is going to push himself beyond his limits for this battle.