One Piece Chapter 1052 preview has fans worried for Luffy's safety

Fans are worried for Luffy's fate with the latest Chapter 1052 tease (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Fans are worried for Luffy's fate with the latest Chapter 1052 tease (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Despite the official translation for Chapter 1051 not being available as of this writing, fans are already clamoring for information regarding One Piece Chapter 1052. It seems that a leaked editor's note from Chapter 1051 has teased that Luffy is more injured than previously assumed in the wake of the latest battle.

While some fans are hoping for Kaido to stand back up in One Piece Chapter 1052, it is likely that this won’t happen if Luffy is more injured than previously thought. While no spoiler information for One Piece Chapter 1052 is available at the time of writing, the editor's notes usually offer a good idea of what is to come.

Follow along as this article theorizes what could possibly be wrong with Luffy, and discusses fan reaction to this tease.

One Piece Chapter 1052 tease could suggest Gear Fifth’s expensive price

One Piece Chapter 1052 tease

#ONEPIECE1051 #ONEPIECE1052Official ONE PIECE chapter 1052 preview :"The battle is finally over. What happened to Luffy after the fierce battle…!?"

As mentioned above, an editor's note from One Piece Chapter 1051 has been leaked, seemingly teasing a major problem with Luffy in Chapter 1052 and beyond. Many fans previously theorized that Gear Fifth puts incredible stress on Luffy’s heart, based on certain moments during his fight with Kaido that put pressure on the organ.

@Epicopboy Luffy gets cancer or ligma

Problems with previous power-ups further suggested this to be the case, especially with Gear Second also impacting his heart health. While unconfirmed, Gear Fourth seemed to take a similar toll on his overall health and the status of his heart, specifically, as well.

@Epicopboy Well... its one piece, and he is the mc, so luffy and all mc alliance will be perfectly fine as always... After a war, what a shonen manga joke...

The teased repercussions are most likely much more severe than those of previous power-ups. Gear Fifth is an incredibly powerful form, and author Eiichiro Oda will want to deter its use at every opportunity. As a result, whatever problems Luffy is facing after using the form will likely be very serious.

@Epicopboy Is a bad premonition coming?? Hopefully not

Fans are having interesting reactions to this teaser, especially as it relates to Luffy himself. Some theorize that the repercussions have to do with his body or Devil Fruit, which means that there could be quite a few interesting consequences. Luffy being unable to use his Devil Fruit powers for a period of time post-Gear Fifth seems like a good idea.

@Epicopboy Wait, why would they just bring this to our attention when we already know he's resting from Chapter 1051? We'll just have to wait and find out.

Other fans are pointing out how it’s already clear that he’s injured and resting after the fight, meaning whatever other repercussions are coming must be severe. Several fans seem to agree with this assessment, simultaneously expressing their wishes for Luffy to be okay.

@The_Movie_Goer @Epicopboy Most probably Ig some serious drawbacks would be introduced so he don't use it regularly like gear 2 or 3 or even 4 but use it only as a last option. Gear 4 had drawback of not being able to use haki for 10 mins, for this I guess drawback would be related to devil fruit or body.

One fan in particular seems to be upset with the attempt to garner worry from fans over the series’ main character. While it’s doubtful that any severe harm will come to Luffy, certain consequences can be introduced and implemented in a meaningful way.

In summation

While One Piece Chapter 1052 spoiler information is not yet available, that hasn’t stopped fans from eagerly discussing the upcoming issue on social media. Fueled by the latest editor’s note leak, fans have been debating and theorizing on what could be wrong with Luffy, and how it will be approached in future arcs.

Something that has come up in fan discussion predominantly is that the assertion that Luffy will still be able to able to fight in One Piece Chapter 1052 and beyond. There’s very little chance of anything long-term and dangerous happening to the series’ protagonist after using Gear Fifth for the first time, but this is all speculative for now.

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