One Piece Chapter 1061: Vegapunk's technology may give two Straw Hats significant power ups

Fans may once more see Franky (along with another Straw Hat) steal from Vegapunk to strengthen his own body, crew, and ship (Image via Toei Animation)
Fans may once more see Franky (along with another Straw Hat) steal from Vegapunk to strengthen his own body, crew, and ship (Image via Toei Animation)

With One Piece Chapter 1061 scanlations all but officially confirming the Straw Hats’ arrival to Vegapunk’s island, fans have become extremely excited about the enigmatic scientist’s debut. While fans are pleased to see Vegapunk introduced, many are speculating on what the Straw Hats will gain from exposure to Vegapunk's technology.

The last time fans saw a Straw Hat come into contact with some of Vegapunk’s research, they saw Franky take on a whole new look and some exciting new abilities as well. With this in mind, fans are suspecting he and another Straw Hat may benefit most from Vegapunk’s introduction in One Piece Chapter 1061.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down why Usopp and Franky are the most likely Straw Hats to receive power-ups as a result of Vegapunk’s One Piece Chapter 1061 introduction.

Thousand Sunny, Nami’s Clima-Tact, and more all stand to benefit from Vegapunk’s introduction in One Piece Chapter 1061

Despite the fact that Vegapunk and their island were only introduced in One Piece Chapter 1061 scanlations, it is abundantly clear that the technology on Egghead Island is hundreds of years old. With giant, fully autonomous mechanical robots occupying the seas surrounding the island, it’s clear that Vegapunk's status as a legendary scientist is well-deserved.

While it’s currently unknown if they will voluntarily help the Straw Hats or not, two of them will likely benefit just from being exposed to the island’s amazing technology. As the two craftiest Straw Hats, both Franky and Usopp will probably pull some of Vegapunk’s technology for themselves and the crew, giving themselves and others upgrades in the process.

What Franky and Usopp might gain

Usopp, for example, could utilize the target system seen used by Vegapunk’s shark mech and apply it to his Black Kabuto for guided targeting. Combined with his Observation Haki, this would truly make him one of the most deadly snipers on the high seas.

Usopp in particular could take his applications of Vegapunk’s tech even further thanks to his being the creator and maintainer of Nami’s Clima-Tact. Such a targeting system could be put into the Clima-Tact as well, which, combined with the homie Zeus within the Clima-Tact, should make for an extremely powerful weapon.

Similarly, Franky’s modification of Vegapunk’s tech could also help out the crew at large. By applying Vegapunk’s tech to his various mechs which dwell within the Thousand Sunny, he could make them even more lethal to enemies while also protecting those inside. A brand new mecha may even come about as a result of his acquiring Vegapunk’s tech.

There are also the upgrades Franky could make to his own body, which fans got a glimpse of during the time-skip when he landed on Vegapunk’s homeland of Karakuri Island. Upon entering Vegapunk’s old research facility, Franky was able to steal some of the genius's technology for himself, such as the Pacifista laser beam.


With this lab only marking the beginning of Vegapunk’s journey as a genius scientist, there’s likely so much more Franky can pull for his own use from Egghead Island. Considering how helpful the technology on Karakuri Island was to Franky and the Straw Hats, there’s almost no doubt that whatever he gets his hands on will be put to good use.

However, this is all speculative, with One Piece Chapter 1061’s official release not yet out as of this article’s writing. Furthermore, many suspect that, despite Vegapunk's cheerful demeanor as seen in One Piece Chapter 1061, they will oppose the Straw Hats and remain loyal to the Marines.

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