One Piece chapter 1065: All six Vegapunk satellites, explained

Lilith represents Vegapunk
Lilith represents Vegapunk's "evil" side (Image via Sportskeeda)

All six of Vegapunk's satellites have finally been shown in One Piece chapter 1065.

Vegapunk may be a scientific genius, but even a great mind is limited by a weak physical body. That is why he split himself into six different people.

He has six different satellites that represent distinct aspects of his personality. One Piece chapter 1065 is the first time all six have been shown together.

It remains to be seen how Vegapunk accomplished this amazing feat. Regardless, he is able to get his job done with multiple bodies. A few of them even left a memorable impression on the fanbase. Here's a look at what his satellites are supposed to do in One Piece chapter 1065.

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Here's a proper explanation of Vegapunk's satellites, as shown in One Piece chapter 1065

They embody Vegapunk's different personalities

The first satellite was shown in One Piece chapter 1061, back when the Straw Hats first arrived on Egghead Island. A mysterious young girl claimed to be Vegapunk, which contradicted previous statements that he was an old man.

It turns out that Lilith was telling the truth. Through unknown means, Vegapunk split his original body into six different ones. All of these satellites have been shown in some capacity in One Piece chapter 1065:

  • Shaka (Punk-01) - Represents his concept of "good"
  • Lilith (Punk-02) - Represents his concept of "evil"
  • Edison (Punk-03) - Represents his tendency for "thinking"
  • Pythagoras (Punk-04) - Represents his overall "wisdom"
  • Atlas (Punk-05) - Represents his need for "violence"
  • York (Punk-06) - Represents his "greediness"

Vegapunk's original body is simply known as "Stella." However, very little is known about it. The rest of the satellites are named after mythological figures (Lilith) or real-world geniuses (Pythagoras).

They all currently reside on Egghead, the island of the future that's actually living in the past. Each satellite is able to communicate directly with each other from different location, which is what Shaka regularly does with Lilith.

Each of them have completely different functions

Even before One Piece chapter 1065, readers already knew that each satellite was responsible for different tasks. Lilith's main job is to guard the island and steal loot from wandering pirates. By doing so, Vegapunk is able to fund his expensive research projects on Egghead Island.

Atlas is seemingly tasked with keeping all the cyborgs in line. Shaka did the same for Lilith when the latter confronted the Straw Hat Pirates, warning her that it wouldn't be wise to invoke the wrath of Zoro and Robin.

One Piece chapter 1065 shows that Edison and Pythagoras are the brains and brawn in his scientific experiments. Meanwhile, York has to perform all the bodily functions. This includes her need to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. This allows the rest of the satellites to continue their work.

Vegapunk is very busy at work

The main reason Vegapunk splits his body into multiple ones is because he wants to make his work load much easier. Before the World Government deemed him a threat, he would regularly come up with useful ideas, such as coating Seastone on the bottom of ships to avoid Sea Kings.

It should be noted that Sentomaru is supposed to be his bodyguard. However, it remains unclear which satellite he's supposed to be guarding.

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