One Piece episode 1064: Why Kaido's drunken fighting styles are giving Luffy trouble, explained

Kaido's drunken mood swings are throwing Luffy for a loop in One Piece Episode 1064 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1064 was released earlier this weekend, focusing on Kaido versus Luffy and the Fire Festival celebration in the Flower Capital. While fans were more excited to see the former rather than the latter, both aspects of the latest installment were nevertheless praised by viewers.

While fans were excited to see Luffy versus Kaido on full display in One Piece episode 1064, they were admittedly less pleased to see the protagonist beginning to struggle versus Kaido. That being said, there is at least a canonical and acceptable explanation as to why Luffy struggles so hard versus Kaido in this form.

The explanation only builds Kaido up as a fighter rather than tearing Luffy down. Furthermore, the fact that Luffy is able to keep up with Kaido at all in this new form as seen in One Piece episode 1064 also helps to cement his own skills and reputation as an adaptable and experienced fighter.

Warning: Minor explanatory spoilers for Kaido’s attacks as seen in Episode 1064 below.

Kaido’s drunken forms in One Piece episode 1064 add unpredictability to an already powerful moveset

As seen in One Piece episode 1064, Luffy begins succumbing to Kaido’s attacks when the Yonko cycles through his various drunken mood swings. Each mood swing provides a different emotional state and mindset for Kaido, such as regret, rage, happiness, and even love.

While the latest episode of the anime series puts some of these mood swings on full display, it only scratches the surface of what Kaido has to offer in this state. Moreover, the latest episode doesn’t provide a full explanation as to why Luffy struggles, but there are sensible answers for this that will be fully confirmed in later installments.

What One Piece episode 1064 does highlight in regards to Kaido’s drunken mood swings is that he and his movements become more unpredictable as his mood changes. This is somewhat expected, with alcohol having a similar effect on those who consume it to the point of getting drunk in real life.

However, the implications of this unpredictability within the series’ world are much more serious. One of the key abilities Luffy has that enables him to match with Kaido is his Future Sight Observation Haki, allowing him to peer slightly into the future and read his enemy’s movements. However, with how unpredictable Kaido is in his drunken state, the effectiveness of this technique is limited.

One Piece episode 1064 also establishes that Kaido rapidly and unpredictably switches between his various Zoan forms as he fights. While this also plays into the aforementioned issues relating to Future Sight Observation Haki, it makes his attacks more volatile and effective. By changing forms and fighting styles, he can overwhelm Luffy with an unpredictable string of attacks.

Finally, Kaido’s drunken forms allow his general Haki to become stronger. Although it’s never specified which Haki becomes stronger in this state, fans can expect Armament and Conqueror’s Haki to receive the largest buffs. As a result, this makes his unpredictable, difficult to dodge attacks hit that much harder. All of this contributes into a fighting style that truly challenges Luffy to rise to the occasion.

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