One Piece episode 1070: Did Kaido actually defeat Luffy? Explained

One Piece Episode 1070: Did Kaido actually defeat Luffy? Explained (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece Episode 1070: Did Kaido actually defeat Luffy? Explained (Image via Toei Animation)

Heading into One Piece episode 1070’s release weekend following a one-week break for the series, fans are excited to see the action at Onigashima continue. With the television anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga series going through the Wano arc conclusion currently, such excitement from viewers is understandable.

In fact, fans saw the next climactic development in the final moments of the previous episode when Kaido seemingly dealt Monkey D. Luffy a definitive blow for the win. The preview for One Piece episode 1070 also shows fans images of Luffy’s lifeless body while teasing that the two’s battle has indeed come to an end.

However, some fans aren’t convinced that Luffy has actually lost the fight against Kaido heading into One Piece episode 1070, no matter what the preview suggests. As such, the biggest question on the minds of these nonbelievers is whether or not their theories on Luffy’s current status are accurate.

Disclaimer: This article contains minor spoilers for episode 1070.

One Piece episode 1070 set to confirm Luffy’s status following Guernica’s interference in fight against Kaido

While it may seem unbelievable to most fans, Luffy did indeed lose to Kaido heading into One Piece episode 1070 because of CP0 agent Guernica’s interference. As mentioned above, the preview for the upcoming installment also says this, discussing how Kaido was robbed of a proper fight and how the two’s duel came to an unexpected end.

The preview also shows fans evidence of the said defeat, first showing Luffy still in his Gear 4 form before eventually showing him to be back in base form with no life in his eyes or face. In fact, the preview does this deliberately to remind fans of what Luffy’s words were as he last activated his Gear 4 form.

Prior to One Piece episode 1070, Luffy told Kaido and fans that his upcoming use of Gear 4 would be his last and that he wouldn’t stop until he defeated Kaido. In other words, Luffy knew he had nothing left in his arsenal after using his Gear 4, meaning he wouldn’t allow the technique to deactivate until he won.

However, thanks to Guernica’s interference, what should’ve been an easy attack for Luffy to take instead ended up being a knockout blow. As the opening moments of episode 1070 will show, Luffy was then knocked unconscious and his Gear 4 form subsequently deactivated.

Combined with the fact that Luffy asserted that his recent use of Gear 4 would be his last, it seems he truly has no energy left to fight with and has been defeated or worse. While it may seem too unexpected to be true, Luffy has indeed lost the fight against Kaido as of One Piece episode 1070. With his defeat, the other fighters at Onigashima must find a way to escape, with defeating Kaido nothing more than a fever dream without Luffy’s help.

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