One Piece fans are wowed by amazing Jinbe cosplay

A lot of effort went into this costume
A lot of effort went into this costume (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece fans should take a moment to admire a recent cosplay, featuring none other than Jinbe himself. Cosplay is a performance art that brings to attention the importance of character design.

It's a particular strength for One Piece series creator Eiichiro Oda. HIs characters stand out for their various colors and sizes. The Straw Hats are consistently popular choices for the cosplay genre.

Of course, some characters require more effort than just wearing their particular clothing. Jinbe is a very difficult choice for One Piece cosplayers due to his Fish-Man attributes, such as his webbed hands and blue skin. However, one Redditor blew everybody's expectations right out of the water.

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This One Piece cosplayer got everybody's attention with his Jinbe costume

Take a look at these pictures

Over at the One Piece subreddit, u/G0MUG0MUNO decided to show everybody his recent Jinbe cosplay. He is better known by his Instagram handle @jonburgermeister, or as fans like to call him, Salty Burger Cosplay.

Needless to say, his work captured the attention of several fans. His Reddit post has gained a lot of traction in the past day or so. It will likely reach over 10,000 upvotes in the next few days. Most of the comments section greatly appreciates his cosplay and how much work went into it.

Fans applauded his attention to detail, such as the cup of sake he's holding in his hand. During the Whole Cake Island arc, Jinbe famously returned the item to Big Mom when he left her crew. The Fish-Man's decision to join the Straw Hats was a defining moment in the One Piece series.

Why it works so well


Jinbe is not an easy character to cosplay in the One Piece series. He's not like a regular human where all that's really needed is a change in clothes. Jinbe is a large Fish-Man with animalistic features, such as fangs and shark gills.

Salty Burger Cosplay does a great job in capturing his essence. He didn't take any shortcuts with his most recent work. Everything from the webbed hands to the blue skin really stands out in high regard. Even the costume robe is fairly accurate with its attention to detail.

The best cosplays go the extra mile for monster characters like Jinbe. Not just anybody can pull it off so flawlessly. Salty Burger Cosplay should be proud of the work he put in for that costume.

Cosplays are a good way to bring a community together


As the above video demonstrates, there is no better feeling than having a fanbase get together and share their love for a respective series. One Piece fans have so many different ways to express their love for Oda's work.

Cosplaying requires a lot of time, effort, and money. By the end of the day, it can pay off handsomely when done right. Fans should definitely appreciate the select few cosplayers that go far beyond their given expectations.

It's also good to see Jinbe get some love. He might not be conventionally attractive like Zoro or Nami, but his loyalty to Luffy really shines through. The Straw Hats wouldn't get anywhere in the New World without his help. In that regard, Jinbe will always have a place within the community.

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