One Piece: 4 Marines that fans love (and 4 they hate with a passion)

These men have a completely different view of "peace and prosperity" (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)
These men have a completely different view of "peace and prosperity" (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

The Marines form a very complex organization in the One Piece series. With so many different members, there is no fixed belief system. Their only shared goal is to deal with the growing number of pirates in the world. Of course, how they plan on doing so is what determines their overall popularity.

Before going any further, please note that this article contains manga spoilers from the latest arc.

One Piece fans have a very interesting relationship with the Marines. Some of the Marines are universally loved, like Garp, while others are deeply loathed, like Akainu. It all depends on their actions within the story.

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Aokiji and 3 other Marines that One Piece fans have always liked

1) Smoker


Smoker has always been a popular character in the One Piece community. He is among the first characters to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the Loga Devil Fruits. Luffy couldn't even touch him until after he developed Haki.

Back in the early days, Smoker would always play cat-and-mouse games with the Straw Hat Pirates. He was a dangerous threat at that point in the series. Nonetheless, he also follows a code of honor. He was very unhappy to learn that he was given credit for Crocodile's defeat in Alabasta.

Smoker often switches roles between friend and foe. He will sometimes be forced to work alongside Luffy to achieve their goals. His complicated relationship with the pirates is always interesting to watch. At the very least, he always has good intentions, unlike Vergo of the Donquixote Pirates.

2) Aokiji


The Long Ring Long Land arc provided some comedic relief for One Piece fans. Of course, that was until Aokiji made his timely arrival. The powerful admiral completely wiped the floor with the Straw Hat Pirates, demonstrating the full might of the Marines.

Despite his laidback personality, Aokiji does take himself very seriously. He also doesn't see the world in black and white. Aokiji is a very complex individual who sometimes helps his enemies. He is willing to compromise with pirates like Luffy if their goals are beneficial.

Aokiji does not get along with his arch-rival Akainu, given the latter's extremist methods of dealing with enemies. They even fought to become Fleet Admiral due to their opposing ideals.

After suffering a devastating loss, Aokiji decided to leave the Marines rather than serve Akainu's orders.

3) Monkey D. Garp


Garp may be a Vice Admiral, but his power level is far beyond that rank. He was a former rival to the late Pirate King himself. Roger only considered Garp and Sengoku to be worth his time.

One Piece fans love Garp for his love of freedom and family. He is among the very few Marines with a strong moral code. It also helps that he doesn't care about upper-class nobility. During the Level arc, he gave Stelly a verbal smackdown and openly made fun of the Celestial Dragons.

In fact, this is the main reason why Garp isn't an Admiral. He doesn't want to be taking direct orders from the likes of Charlos and Rosward. One Piece fans have to respect his integrity.

4) Donquixote Rosinante


Without question, Rosinante is the most popular flashback character in One Piece history. In the seventh global poll, he was ranked 13th, making him the most highly regarded Marine. Remember, the 2021 poll took place long after the events of the Dressrosa arc, so this is quite a remarkable feat.

Rosinante was the clumsy younger brother of Doflamingo. Their moral compasses pointed in completely different directions. Rosinante deeply cared for others, while Doflamingo was a cruel and vindictive monster.

Before his tragic death at the hands of his brother, Rosinante was a double agent for the Donquixote Pirates. One Piece fans will forever appreciate what he did for Trafalgar Law. Had it not been for Rosinante, the pirate would have already been dead long before the events of the current story.

Onigumo and 3 other Marines who feel the wrath of One Piece fans

1) Nezumi


One Piece fans might remember this Marine captain from the early days of the series. Nezumi was prominently featured in the Arlong Park arc.

Despite his job title, Nezumi has no interest in maintaining the peace. Instead, he regularly conspires with dangerous criminals. Nezumi outright ignored Arlong's reign of terror because he would get paid in monthly bribes.

When the Arlong Pirates were finally defeated, Nezumi tried stealing credit from the Straw Hat Pirates. They gave him a well-deserved beating for all his troubles. He's not the most important Marine, but he is among the most detestable.

2) Onigumo


Onigumo's physical appearance is just as unpleasant as his personality. As a Vice Admiral who is more than willing to shoot down his own comrades, he is a true believer in "Absolute Justice."

There are several other reasons why fans cannot stand him. Prior to Ace's execution, Onigumo coldly told him that he would never see the night sky ever again. The Vice Admiral was also responsible for putting Seastone cuffs onto Marco during Marineford, rendering him an easy target for Kizaru.

Onigumo is truly a demonic spider in every sense of the word. He doesn't have a single redeemable quality in the One Piece series.

3) Ryokugyu

Unlike his superior Akainu, Ryokugyu believes that the Celestial Dragons are gods to be worshipped. For that reason, Wano Country needed to be dealt with. He will take out anybody not affiliated with the World Government.

Readers shouldn't be fooled by his pretty little flowers. Ryokugyu is a brutal and bloodthirsty maniac. This was demonstrated by his ruthless beatdown to the Beasts Pirates and the Red Scabbards. He also made it clear that civilian lives don't matter to him in Wano Country.

Some fans also don't like him for non-story reasons. His performance in Wano Country added more fuel to the fire in the "Admiral versus Yonko" debate. Many readers made fun of him for being scared of Kaido and Shanks.

4) Akainu


It's not uncommon to see Akainu getting beat up in various fan art. Simply typing his name into a search engine will probably get those results.

One Piece fans will never forgive him for his role in Ace's death at Marineford. He also completely broke Luffy's spirit by doing so.

The current Fleet Admiral has a strong belief in "Absolute Justice." It's a ruthless philosophy that is best described as "by any means necessary."

Akainu is an extremist who is more than willing to sacrifice innocent lives. His idea of what constitutes "evil" can be incredibly vague at times. One Piece fans have to wonder if the ends really do justify the means.

It's no surprise that Akainu barely got along with Aokiji. His fanatical ways can drive anybody insane.

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