One Piece: How does Eustass Kid’s Devil Fruit work?

Eustass Kid does not play around with his enemies (Image via Sportskeeda)
Eustass Kid does not play around with his enemies (Image via Sportskeeda)

Eustass Kid is a powerful fighter in One Piece largely because of his Devil Fruit. Not much is really known about the Jiki Jiki no Mi. In fact, its official name was only revealed in a One Piece SBS for Volume 99.

Kid rarely shows up in the story, but he always leaves a lasting impression when he does. This is very apparent in the Wano Country arc.

Since Kid's introduction in the Sabaody Archipelago arc, his Devil Fruit has been the subject of much speculation. This article will provide a brief overview of what the fruit does. It will also cover some major events from the Wano Country arc.

Note: This article contains major spoilers from the manga.

Eustass Kid's Devil Fruit is powerful by One Piece standards, but how does it work?


As shown in the above clip, Eustass Kid's Devil Fruit power allows him to manipulate magnetic forces and attract/repel metal objects.

The Jiki Jiki no Mi is a force to be reckoned with in One Piece. It took several years for readers and viewers to finally learn how it works.

Generating magnetic fields


The Jiki Jiki no Mi allows Eustass Kid to create a magnetic field around him. By doing so, he can either attract or repel metallic objects.

For instance, during the Sabaody Archipelago saga, Kid took care of the Marine soldiers by smashing them with a giant metal arm.

Strengths and weaknesses


First and foremost, Eustass Kid can construct various objects with his magnetic field, ranging from railguns to giant swords. If there is enough metal within the area, he can even create huge fighting robots. His fighting style mainly relies on brawling, so his Devil Fruit gives him that extra strength boost.

Kid also has the power to take away his opponents' weapons, just as long as they are made of metal. This allows him to disarm his enemies right away. Not many One Piece characters have that ability.

Unfortunately, Jiki Jiki no Mi has a very notable weakness. The Devil Fruit power requires a certain amount of metal in the user's immediate surroundings to function. During the Onigashima Raid, Kid spent a lot of time running around to find metal supplies.

Awakening potential

The Onigashima Raid was a major development arc for Eustass Kid as he finally awakened his Devil Fruit abilities.

Kid can now assign magnetic properties to his targets. He first did it against Big Mom during his climactic battle with her. He was able to bury her with several metal frames from the Onigashima castle.

Kid can also create an electromagnetic cannon, which has devastating attacking power. He used it to finish off Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 1039 and 1040.