One Piece live-action series' sudden IMDB ratings onslaught validates its must-watch status  

Netflix One Piece Live-action (Image via Netflix)
Netflix One Piece Live-action (Image via Netflix)

Netflix's highly anticipated One Piece live-action series, which premiered on Thursday, August 31, 2023, has taken audiences on an incredible journey alongside Luffy and his companions. It has proven to be an enthralling experience that has captivated both devoted anime enthusiasts and newcomers, delivering an unforgettable adventure.

Upon its global premiere, the live-action series encountered a polarized initial reception, but it ultimately triumphed, winning over critics and audiences alike. What's particularly noteworthy are the show's IMDb ratings, which have generated significant buzz. The series has achieved a remarkable IMDb rating of 8.6.

One Piece live-action achieved a remarkable IMDb rating of 8.6, positioning it within the top 200 ranked shows on the platform

Even after facing initial skepticism and underwhelming reviews from some unsatisfied fans, the One Piece live-action series has secured an impressive IMDb rating of 8.6. This accomplishment is no small feat, and it places the show among the top 200 ranked series on IMDb.

Manga and anime series, when turned into live-action, have a history of not being up to par and disappointing fans of the original series. This is why there were a variety of responses from anime fans when the One Piece live-action series was announced.

Moreover, the trailer for the series further divided the fandom in their opinions, with some fans disliking the trailer while others enjoyed it.


Adapting a shonen manga/anime into a vastly different medium, such as a web or television series, is undeniably challenging, especially when it comes to a behemoth like One Piece. Eiichiro Oda's record-breaking franchise enjoys immense fame and popularity, setting the bar high for any live-action adaptation.

Consequently, when the live-action version was released, it naturally garnered a mixed reaction, just like the trailer. It's understandable, as Netflix's One Piece live-action adaptation isn't a carbon copy of Oda's original work.

Despite this initial setback, the show's dedicated fans and curious newcomers gave it a fair chance. It led to an impressive rise in viewership and subsequent IMDb ratings that have surprised both fans and critics.

Netflix's One Piece live-action takes artistic liberties, altering or omitting certain events and characters. However, despite these creative adaptations, it has managed to capture the essence of the iconic series remarkably well.

Fans, who have seen the series through thick and thin, were eager to see how the beloved characters and epic adventures they've grown up with would translate to the live-action format. Many of them watched the series with an open mind, giving it a fair chance, and their support has played a significant role in the show's IMDb success.

A prominent franchise community member, Artur (@newworldartur), involved in Netflix's One Piece live-action, shared a spoiler-free review criticizing certain aspects of this first season.

"Certain storylines had to be cut or condensed for better pacing, and while some I’m glad were skipped, some others felt sorely missing. Whereas instead other storylines that felt very redundant were given too much screentime, such as Garp’s forced inclusion into the story," Artur tweeted.

Despite some criticisms, Artur and many others also praised many aspects of the live-action, affirming that it lives up to the hype and providing reassurance to fans who are still waiting to give it a watch.

Ending thoughts

From great acting to well-crafted sequences, Netflix's One Piece live-action series has it all. Despite the initial wave of negativity and harsh criticism, the show has proven to be the ultimate entertainer, rising above it all and securing a place among the top 200 ranked series on IMDb with an impressive rating of 8.6.

For fans of the series, this validation underscores the series' enduring appeal and the potential for new adaptations to win the hearts of both long-time fans and newcomers. It's a must-watch for those who have been following the Straw Hat Pirates for years as well as for newcomers.

Stay tuned for more anime live-action news as 2023 progresses.