One Piece theorist draws brilliant connection between Imu and Doflamingo

They believe themselves to be gods
They believe themselves to be gods (Image via Sportskeeda)

A One Piece theorist believes that Oda is purposely drawing parallels with some powerful Celestial Dragons. Redditor u/Wpiece came up with an interesting hypothesis regarding a potential traitor within the Five Elders. However, a major takeaway from his theory was the comparisons between Imu-sama and Donquixote Doflamingo.

Many One Piece fans are looking for a deeper meaning behind these powerful rulers. All credit goes to U/Wpiece for coming up with these parallels. Here's what readers should know about these dangerous tyrants.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views. It will also contain manga spoilers from One Piece Chapter 1060.

One Piece Redditor u/Wpiece came up with a really good theory on Doflamingo and Imu

Here is the Reddit post in question

Yesterday, u/Wpiece posted a thread called "The Traitor Among the Five Elders" in the One Piece sub-reddit. The idea is that several groups of five always have a traitor in their midst. However, the most relevant piece of information lies in the comparison shot below.

Here is a comparison shot (Image via Redditor u/Wpiece)
Here is a comparison shot (Image via Redditor u/Wpiece)

The first panel involves the Fiver Elders bowing before Imu. Meanwhile, the second one involves the Donquixote Pirates paying respects to Doflamingo during his childhood. The Imu panel took place in One Piece Chapter 906, while the Doflamingo panel happened in One Piece Chapter 782.

Based on the composition of both panels, it's clear that Eiichiro Oda is making a connection between Imu and Doflamingo. Each panel contains the following similarities that make them stand out:

  • A high-ranking noble looks over from a raised platform
  • Their subordinates kneel over to signify their undying respect
  • Each panel has a sword and staff placed in the same exact spot

One Piece fans may remember that Doflamingo is a former Celestial Dragon. He is also fully aware of the ancient treasure inside Mary Geoise. While Imu's existence is kept secret from the rest of the world, there is a possibility that Doflamingo knows who they are.

There must be something going on between these powerful rulers. It's very telling how Oda would've modeled the above Imu panel after Doflamingo's came first. Major props go to Redditor u/Wpiece for discovering this.

There is yet another strong parallel

Right before he was defeated by Luffy in the Dressrosa arc, Doflamingo pulled off the ultimate move with his Ito Ito no Mi. It was known as the God Thread, which he also called the 16 Holy Assassin's Bullets.

This is a reference to Doflamingo's childhood when he was attacked by a mob. A vengeful father claimed his son was shot 16 times by a Celestial Dragon. This is clearly a significant number for them. It's also particularly relevant to what happened in One Piece Chapter 1060.

During the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom, Imu summoned a mysterious weapon that shot 16 rays of light, wiping out everything in its path. Some readers caught on with the comparisons between this Imu's attack and Doflamingo's.

Doflamingo might still have a role to play in the story

Doflamingo is currently held within the deepest confines of the Impel Down prison. He is guarded by Magellan since the Marines believe that he could be assassinated by secret agents. It's clear that higher-ups in the World Government don't want him leaking damaging information.

Of course, Oda rarely kills off major characters. More often than not, he brings them back in a major way, like Crocodile in the Cross Guild. Doflamingo could potentially return to drop some heavy lore bombs regarding the Celestial Dragons, particularly with Imu and the Five Elders.

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