One Piece: 10 strongest Paramecia Devil Fruits

Big Mom is a master of weather manipulation in One Piece (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Big Mom is a master of weather manipulation in One Piece (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Paramecia Devil Fruits can make or break a major battle in the One Piece series.

There are three different types of Devil Fruits, but the Paramecia is the most common. Those who consume the fruit will have special abilities or even superhuman powers. They can either generate substances, control their environment or significantly alter their bodies.

Without a doubt, there is insane potential within the Paramecia class. This article will take a look at the best Paramecia Devil Fruits in the One Piece series. While there is a lot to choose from, there are some very clear winners.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views and contains major spoilers in the last entry.

Ranking the strongest Paramecia Devil Fruits in One Piece

10) Hobi Hobi no Mi (Sugar)


This fruit completely breaks the scale in the One Piece series.

With a single touch, Sugar can turn anybody into a toy. Their very existence will be erased from the minds of everybody.

Sugar is also eternally youthful from her fruit's side effects. However, because she ate the fruit when she was a child, her body is stuck in that form.

The only real weakness is that users need to make physical contact with their hands. It doesn't give users any boost in stats, either. The rest of the fruits on this list offer more combat versatility.

9) Ito Ito no Mi (Donquixote Doflamingo)


Ito Ito no Mi users can generate strings right at their fingertips. Donquixote Doflamingo can manipulate them in very creative ways. He can attach strings to clouds for air mobility, control his targets like a puppet master, and stitch his damaged organs back together. This One Piece villain has every tool at his disposal for every situation.

Doflamingo can also turn his surroundings into strings with his Devil Fruit Awakening. He has full control over the battlefield by doing so. This means his enemies can't hide from him.

8) Mochi Mochi no Mi (Charlotte Katakuri)


Big Mom's most powerful fighter can transform himself into a soft mochi substance thanks to the Mochi Mochi no Mi. He can also create and control it to his liking. Charlotte Katakuri can easily trap his opponents with his mochi. It acts very similarly to a sticky adhesive.

It's easy to mistake this fruit under the Logia category. However, One Piece classifies it as a Special Paramecia. Either way, this gives Katakuri intangible properties, so most attacks pass through him. He can also morph his body into very unique shapes.

Like Doflamingo before him, Katakuri can Awaken his Devil Fruit. His field control is among the best in the One Piece series.

7) Noro Noro no Mi (Foxy)


Some Noro Noro no Mi users can awaken their abilities, while others never truly realize the fruit's potential. Foxy is a pathetically weak fighter in the One Piece series, but his Devil Fruit is not. He can slow down anything caught within his light beams. The effects will last for about half a minute.

This would be a terrifying power under the right person. Thirty seconds is all they need to really do some damage. Imagine if someone with a strong Haki got a hold of this fruit, like Garp or Roger.

6) Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Bartholomew Kuma)


Thanks to the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, Bartholomew Kuma can repel anything he touches with his palms. Whether it's a living person or a mere object, they will be sent flying back at extraordinary speeds. Kuma can even figure out where to propel them.

Unlike most One Piece characters, his special abilities extend to abstract concepts. For example, he can push somebody else's pain away and into another person, as he did with Luffy and Zoro in Thriller Bark.

This unique Paramecia can also launch users across great distances. It even makes Kuma seem like he is teleporting.

5) Soru Soru no Mi (Charlotte Linlin)


The ability to manipulate souls might sound mundane. However, One Piece makes it work in very creative ways.

Thanks to the Soru Soru no Mi, Big Mom can significantly increase her lifespan by stealing other people's souls. Those who are deeply afraid of her will quickly die. More importantly, she can use these souls and manifest them into powerful objects.

These special Homies will become sentient and grant her various powers. For example, Big Mom can use a thundercloud to summon lightning strikes. Her imaginative mind gives her a diverse moveset potential.

4) Zushi Zushi no Mi (Fujitora)


The power to manipulate gravitational forces is worthy of a Marine Admiral. Using the powers of the Zushi Zushi no Mi, Fujitora can generate a strong gravity field around him. Afterwards, he can perform telekinesis on various targets.

Fujitora can also use different gravitational pulls at the same time, which gives him plenty of approaches. Amazingly, he can even reach outer space by summoning huge meteors.

Very few One Piece characters have the destructive capabilities of this Paramecia. Remember, gravity is a fundamental force in the universe.

3) Ope Ope no Mi (Trafalgar Law)


Many One Piece characters believe the Ope Ope no Mi is "the ultimate Devil Fruit." Users will have the ability to configure anything within their sphere of influence. Law is the surgeon, and his ROOM is the operating table. Targets within his range will become his surgery patients.

Whether it's for healing or combat purposes, the fruit is quite versatile. Users can also sacrifice themselves to perform a very special type of surgery, which grants their patient immortality.

The Ope Ope no Mi is worth 5,000,000,000 bellies. To have a better understanding, it would take over 900 Gol D. Rogers to match that value. The Pirate King had the highest bounty in One Piece history.

2) Gura Gura no Mi (Whitebeard; Blackbeard)


Gura Gura no Mi is known as the strongest Paramecia in the world. It's right up there with the best Logia fruits. Users can generate extremely powerful quakes with the palm of their hands. These huge vibrations can be used on land, sea, or air.

Whether it's Whitebeard or Blackbeard, it doesn't matter who uses it. This fruit has the fearsome power to destroy the world. Users can create devastating earthquakes and massive tsunamis.

1) Gomu Gomu no Mi (Monkey D. Luffy)


The real classification of the Gomu Gomu no Mi belongs in the Mythical Zoan category. It used to be known as the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. However, the World Government renamed it and put it under the Paramecia class. For all intents and purposes, it will stay on this list.

Luffy can turn into a rubber man with his abilities. This allows him to stretch body parts in a very flexible manner. He also has complete immunity to electric attacks. His unique fighting style is unlike anything else in the One Piece series.

Best of all, Luffy also gets a massive physical boost since it's technically a Zoan fruit. However, it also has the properties of a Paramecia, which makes it very strange. There is no other fruit like this in One Piece.


When the fruit is fully awakened, Luffy can turn his entire surroundings into rubber. He can also use cartoon physics as a major combat advantage. Gear Fifth is only limited by Luffy's own imagination.

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