One Punch Man Chapter 168 (Theory): The fate of Garou

What can fans expect in the upcoming chapter of the series? (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)
What can fans expect in the upcoming chapter of the series? (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)

The One Punch Man fanbase is anxiously waiting for the release of every single chapter. The previous chapters have seen a ton of development. So far, The Caped Baldy and The Hero Hunter have been duking it out, and the fanbase has remained quite excited. While the fight could have ended in a single blow, that isn’t the case, and The Hero Hunter is in his strongest state.

Naturally, the entire One Punch Man fanbase has been engaging in some interesting discussions with respect to the future of the series and what they can expect in the upcoming chapter 168. Let us take a look at what the fans have to say about the upcoming chapter of One Punch Man.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the latest manga chapters.

What does Garou’s future look like in the upcoming chapter of One Punch Man?

Garou has never been stronger and his ability to fight has surpassed the likes of Boros. He received a part of God’s powers, which allowed him to understand the flow of all energy and force in the world. He also has the ability to copy any combat move and execute it with perfection.

In his most recent fight against Saitama, Garou was able to create portals to catch The Caped Baldy off guard. However, that did not really work, because Saitama was able to grab the hyperspace gates and kick it away whenever he wanted to.

One punch man : manga chapter 167punching garou right on his face with genos core on his left hand. Saitama is on a rampage mode

Saitama was able to outpace Garou in that fight. His Serious Table Flip shattered the entire surface of one of Jupiter’s moons. Saitama holds on to Genos’ core while fighting and is able to overwhelm the Hero Hunter.

Chapter 168 of One Punch Man will most likely conclude the fight between these two characters. Saitama should be able to overwhelm the Hero Hunter with ease. Garou might be strong, but Saitama has not had the chance to show off his true potential.

Garou will most certainly not be able to keep up with Saitama in the upcoming set of chapters of One Punch Man. As seen earlier, Saitama does not seem exhausted in that fight, and Garou will reach a point where he will not be able to copy Saitama’s moves anymore, simply because of the sheer raw power and intensity of his punches.

There is a small possibility that Blast and his comrades might join this fight after evacuating the injured heroes that were present earlier.

Ever since one of Blast’s friends witnessed Saitama's combat abilities, he has been intrigued and could approach The Caped Baldy for future missions. Saitama is fully capable of beating Garou by himself, but Blast might volunteer to aid him in the fight.

If that is the case, the fight should be concluded within the next chapter, since it has been going on for some time now.

In both these cases, Garou will not be able to emerge victorious. While Saitama might beat him up, it is unlikely that he will kill him.

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