One Punch Man chapter 168: Twitter goes berserk as Saitama almost destroys Jupiter and travels back in time

Fans react to the latest chapter of the series (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)
Fans react to the latest chapter of the series (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)

Undoubtedly, One Punch Man is one of the most popular manga and anime series of our time. This manga series has caught many readers' attention, and fans believe that this is the best story arc the series has produced.

Naturally, the entire fanbase is hyped for the release of every single chapter, and chapter 168 blew everyone's minds. Murata sensei's art was top-notch, and the chapter had many elements for the fans to enjoy.

The series brought back its typical jokes and tied them well with the plot. Let's look at how the entire fanbase reacted to chapter 168 on Twitter.

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One Punch Man chapter 168: Fans take to Twitter as Saitama surprises the entire fanbase with his new moves and travels back in time

The highlight of One Punch Man chapter 168 was undoubtedly the fight between Garou and Saitama. Fans were quite happy with how this fight had progressed and how Saitama overwhelmed Garou towards the end. The Serious Sneeze was something that fans couldn't stop talking about since that was an attack that no one anticipated. His sneeze was so powerful that it nearly destroyed Jupiter.

#OnePunchMan 10/10 fight saitama vs Garou πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

As expected, the entire One Punch Man fanbase appreciated Murata sensei for his immaculate drawings since every single panel was replete with details and intricacies. Fans consider Murata to be a supremo when it comes to manga art.

Murata is literally GOD now !! The supreme arts and publishing them within a month ... Just how could a normal person do this ... #OnePunchMan #OPM168 #onepunchmanmanga #anime #manga

One fan believes that Saitama can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Goku. This debate has been going on for years, and it's safe to say that the recent chapters have the potential to alter previous results, which favored Goku in most situations.

Where are the people who thought Goku could clap this guy ????Please come out I just want to talk....#OPM168 #OnePunchMan
This latest #OnePunchMan chapter HIGH KEY Shows Saitama Can actually box with Goku

Another thing that the entire fanbase celebrated was that Genos was alive. Since the protagonist of One Punch Man could go back in time and defeat Garou, Genos didn't end up dying, and the Caped Baldy was quite happy to see him.

Genos is Alive!! And no other heroes died too, this is what a good chapter is. #OnePunchMan168 #OPM

Fans were quite happy to see One Punch Man's Hero Hunter seek Saitama's help and team up with him to fight against the unknown entity called God. While they didn't technically fight God, Garou expressed interest in taking down God after realizing that Tareo was dead.

AYO IT HAPPENED Garou and saitama teaming up to take down That β€œthing” garou saying saitama can perfect the version of his fists something he couldnt do and Beat G is such a cool moment. #OnePunchMan168 #ONEPUNCHMAN

Not only did Saitama travel back in time, but he was also able to reverse causality in the latest chapter. Fans are slowly starting to realize just how strong he is.

// Guys! I can't stress this enough! Saitama can rewind TIME! Saitama did it, not Garou!...It's nuts.
@MonsterGarou // apparently Saitama can also REVERSE CAUSALITYbro is crazy strong

Fans were hyped to read this chapter, and it seems the series has concluded the arc. The upcoming arc will mostly feature some interactions taking place between heroes. Saitama and Garou will likely have another conversation in which Saitama will explain all that transpired. Fans are anxiously waiting for the upcoming chapter to be released to see how the plot will progress.

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