Oshi no Ko chapter 131 spoilers: Aqua confronts Ai's mother and learns about her baffling past

Oshi no Ko chapter 131 spoilers: Aqua encounters Ai
Ai Hoshino as seen in YOASOBI YouTube video (Image via Doga Kobo)

With the spoilers for Oshi no Ko chapter 131, fans got to see what Aqua learned from Ai's DVD. Readers knew that the DVD played a crucial role in the film's story and script. However, this was the first time that the manga was set to unveil its contents.

The previous chapter saw Mem-Cho transitioning into her new professional role. While she had acted before, she had never acted in a film. Nevertheless, she was willing to challenge herself. Later in the chapter, Aqua unveiled to Mem-Cho how he was using every resource to bring the movie to fruition. In addition, he added that Mem-Cho was also being put to good use.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Oshi no Ko chapter 131 spoilers and raw scans: Aqua meets his grandmother

As evident from the spoilers, Oshi no Ko chapter 131 will be titled Atonement. The chapter will open from where the previous installment ended as Aqua was watching Ai's DVD. Through the DVD, Ai began explaining her past, i.e., from the time she became an idol.

Apparently, she had been caught stealing in the past, forcing her to stay at a facility. However, after she ran away, she happened to meet Ichigo Saitou, who scouted her. While she was well-received by the other B-Komachi members, she was too young and needed a guarantor. Due to Ai's situation, Ichigo ended up paying a person at the facility to get Ai's name on a contract so she could officially join Strawberry Productions.

Oshi no Ko chapter 131 spoilers then focused on the filming for the 15-Year Lie movie. During a break, Kana, Mem-Cho, and Akane could be seen talking as they discussed how much of the film's story could be real. While Kana guessed that about 50% could be real, Akane believed that 90% of the plot had to be real.

Oshi no Ko chapter 131 spoilers then focused on Aqua as he had gone to meet his grandmother, Ai Hoshino's mother, Hoshino Ayumi. Ayumi expressed that Ai was her only daughter, and thus she obviously loved her. However, she was so beautiful even at the age of nine that the person she was going to marry was trying to seduce her. While she did feel angry with the man, she also felt jealous towards her daughter. That's how her family collapsed.

Ai Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)
Ai Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

Soon after, Ai was caught stealing. Since then, Ayumi hadn't met Ai. At the time, she believed that she had no option but to stay away from her daughter. That said, she started bawling her eyes out as she gave her approval for Aqua to add whatever he needed from her story to the film. Nevertheless, she did not believe that it was enough to atone for her sins.

When Aqua left the place, he found Akane Kurokawa waiting for him. Aqua did not like that Akane was following him, however, she had told him in the past that she would stop him. In addition, Akane revealed that she found nothing while investigating Hoshino Ayumi. This meant that there was nothing more to investigate about her.

Final thoughts on Oshi no Ko chapter 131 spoilers

Aqua Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)
Aqua Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

Oshi no Ko chapter 131 spoilers revealed why Ai's mother Ayumi abandoned her. While fans always wondered about Ai's secrets, they were unaware of how she was treated in the past. With the DVD unveiling the secrets regarding her mother, fans can also expect it to reveal more about Hikaru Kamiki or some other vital character in the next chapter.