Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) Episode 16 reveals the murky history of the Underworld

Bojji parries Desha's attack (Image via Wit Studio)
Bojji parries Desha's attack (Image via Wit Studio)
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Episode 16 of Ousama Ranking, or Ranking of Kings, is the darkest episode of the series yet. It features the gruesome side of the war, the sacrifices needed for a rebellion to succeed, and how it is not always easy to forgive.

The tone of this episode was far more mature than the previous ones, which is a high hurdle considering that Ousama Ranking already deals with mature themes. The episode was both gory and contained scenes of torture. Discretion is advised while watching it and reading this article.

The dark side of the war is skilfully explored in Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) Episode 16

In Ousama Ranking episode 15, Bojji and Kage reach the Underworld with Gigan after parting ways with Hiling and Dorshe. Domas and Hokuro defeated the Order of the Knights and are faced with King Desha. Upon Bojji and Kage’s arrival at the fight, the King of the Underworld declared that his enemy is actually Miranjo.

Ousama Ranking episode 16 is titled “The Dignity of the King.”

Bojji’s memories

#RankingofKings/#OusamaRanking Ep 16 SpoilersThe beginning was heart wrenching to watch. It looks like Bojji's mother was killed by Miranjo. I wonder where was Bosse at that moment. Gigan's backstory was hard to watch too with what Desha did to the gigantes.

Hearing Miranjo’s name triggers Bojji’s memory of his mother’s death. It has been revealed that the late First Queen of the Kingdom of Bosse died while protecting Bojji. She had begged Miranjo to spare her son’s life to no avail. Miranjo had signaled the enemy to unleash a volley of arrows that pierced the Queen.

She had bled to death and Bojji was drenched with blood while he was protected within her embrace. The enemy betrayed Miranjo as well and struck her down, presumably killing her. The last thing Bojji remembers is a person with gigantic red feet picking Miranjo up from the ground.

Gigan’s past

Ousama ranking episode 16 #OusamaRankingThis episode was insane from both story and quality wise!From the most brutal scenes yet to the most wholesome at the end. The OST was perfect, i loved the storyboard and Bojji cancelling the lightning from Desha was beautifully animated!

Back in the Underworld, Desha reveals that Gigan was a mercenary he had hired when he was rebelling against his father. His father had hired an army of soldiers, who all belonged to the same race of Giants from where Gigan came. To draw out and scatter the Giant army, Desha’s men captured a Giant child and tortured him. The child’s scream enraged the army of Giants, but it also horrified and enraged Gigan.

Aghast, Gigan started to kill Desha’s men in order to rescue the child, but he was faced with the commander of Desha’s army at the time, Ouken. While the rebellion was a success, a lot of lives were lost due to Gigan’s rampage. To appease his men, the newly crowned Desha killed the captured child. Gigan was imprisoned.

Despa, unable to stomach the murky path they must take in order to overthrow their tyrant father, deserted his brother after telling him that the end does not justify such horrific means. Ouken, who is revealed to be the younger brother of Desha and Despa, stayed with the new king, vowing to create a new order of knights, who would be kind and compassionate.

Despa’s plan

Imagens do ep 16 de ousama ranking!

In the present, while Desha understands Gigan’s hatred for him and admits to his guilt, he implores that it is simply how war is. As he moves to strike Gigan, however, Bojji absorbs his lightning attack with his sword. Desha realizes that Bojji was taught by Despa and contacts his brother, who informs him that Bojji is stronger than him.

Despa suggests that they let Bojji fight Bosse. Desha tells Bojji that Bosse is linked to Miranjo by a bond of Karma. He inducts Gigan and the Hell-Hounds into the Order of the Underworld, and after bidding farewell to Kage and Bojji, they leave the fight.

Domas and Hokuro come forward to apologize to Bojji. Kage encourages Bojji to forgive them since he does not want the Prince to nurture hatred like he did. But Bojji is unable to forget the pain and betrayal, and runs away from them. Kage understands his dilemma, and they climb the stairs together towards the surface. Back at the village, Ouken breaks free of his binds and moves to attack Despa.

Final thoughts

Ousama Ranking #16Really strong work from the storyboard trio Yoshiki Kitai, Yoko Kanemori & Mai Teshima (also ED) - collocating characters in an evocative framework is one of OR's biggets strenghts, and when they are so skillfully intertwined with the world, story & lore-

Ousama Ranking episode 16 explores the aftermath of war with a deft hand. The scene where the Queen dies wrapped around Bojji, who becomes trapped within a pool of his mother’s blood, is both gory and horrifying. This is probably the battle Dorshe was referring to in Ousama Ranking episode 12, where Miranjo was supposed to have died.

Miranjo’s past remains unknown once again. The Red-Skinned giant from the second opening of Ousama Ranking was shown for the first time. It appears that Miranjo contacted an enemy kingdom to attack the Kingdom of Bosse in order to kill the First Queen. It is unknown what Bosse was doing at the time.

It is curious that Bojji does not tell Kage about the memory. Bojji’s reluctance to forgive Domas is a very human trait, and Kage’s understanding of it makes their bond stronger. If Despa’s plan is successful, then Bojji will soon face his father, who is currently occupying Daida’s body.

ousama ranking episode 16..,,,..

The Gigan incident is likely what caused Despa to leave the Underworld and created a rift between the brothers. Ouken was the Third Prince of The Underworld, which explains his title. Future episodes of Ousama Ranking will likely explain why he wanted to achieve immortality. A battle between Ouken and Despa seems to be on the horizon.

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