One Piece Chapter 1033 (leaked): Spoilers, raw scans, Zoro's childhood revealed and more

The Three Sword Style Swordsman gets a massive powerup and some backstory in One Piece Chapter 1033. (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Three Sword Style Swordsman gets a massive powerup and some backstory in One Piece Chapter 1033. (Image via Sportskeeda)

The scanlated issues for One Piece Chapter 1033 have been released, and with them, a massive powerup for Zoro. This corroborates information presented in earlier leaks for One Piece.

Alongside Zoro’s powerup, One Piece Chapter 1033 also shows information on Zoro’s childhood in Shimotsuki village. The chapter also introduces Kozaburo Shimotsuki, who boasts a familiar face for long time manga readers.

This chapter is packed with great moments, backstory, and significant plot development, leading to one of the best chapters in recent memory.

One Piece Chapter 1033 scanlations reveal answers on King's origins, Zoro's childhood, and a new Three Sword Style Swordsman powerup

One Piece Chapter 1033: Opening pages

Oda after seeing all the Zoro slander#ONEPIECE1033

One Piece Chapter 1033 opens with a continuation of Zoro vs. King. When last seen, Enma was draining Zoro’s Haki wildly, which is still the case. Zoro berates Enma while King cracks a joke. Suddenly King appears in front of Zoro, prompting Zoro to stab King which creates an explosion.

One Piece Chapter 1033 then cuts to Sanji vs. Queen, where readers get confirmation that King is part of the Lunarian race. Again, this corroborates earlier leaks from this week.

One Piece Chapter 1033 then goes back to Zoro vs. King, where Zoro says he only survived because of how quickly he used his Armament Haki. Zoro then hits King with an Iai draw Lethal Lion Song.

The attack has no effect and King pulls his crest back for another gag attack. Zoro prepares to dodge but Enma acts up again, allowing King to hit Zoro square on and send him flying. Zoro almost loses Sandai Kitetsu off the edge of Onigashima, but grabs it and then finds Wado Ichimonji.

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During this, Zoro remembers Hitetsu’s and Ipponmatsu’s words regarding Cursed Swords. King critiques Zoro risking his life for a sword before Zoro begins having a flashback to his childhood.

Zoro’s Childhood

One Piece Chapter 1033 starts Zoro’s childhood flashback by showing the old geezer from Shimotsuki village who taught Zoro the Sunacchi battle cry. Readers find out this geezer was Kuina’s grandfather.

Furthermore, they see a conversation between Zoro and the geezer regarding Sunacchi, and the geezer's history as a samurai.

The geezer waves Zoro off before paying attention to his training, when Zoro tells the geezer he lost to Kuina again and needs to train till he can beat her. The geezer then gives Zoro some free swords before reaffirming that swords exist to cut people down.

The geezer continues saying each blade has a unique disposition, just like a person, that must be learned and tamed.

#ONEPIECE1033One piece sbs volume 92:D:Hello Oda-sensei! It's my first time contributing to SBS! Zoro is in possession of the three swords Wado Ichimonji Sandai Kitetsu and Shusui. If the power of these three took the form of people,what would they look like?Wado Ichimonji👇

The geezer continues saying cursed blades are just an excuse used by weak swordsmen who can’t tame the blade. He also says that he crafted his Magnum Opus long ago when he was still young, naming it after the god of the underworld.

Coming back to the present, Zoro realizes Enma is that sword and that the old geezer was the legendary Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

Something fans may have also realized during this flashback is that Kozaburo’s face is that of the anthropomorphic Wado Ichimonji. Oda revealed this design in an SBS issue of One Piece quite some time ago.

Zoro’s power up

Remembering Kozaburo’s and Ipponmatsu’s words about how a good sword chooses its wielder, Zoro realizes Enma is testing him. Furthermore, Zoro realizes Oden was able to easily wield Enma even with that much Haki pouring out of him.


One Piece Chapter 1033 suddenly strikes a new tone here, setting up a Zoro scene that feels different than recent examples. Beast Pirate fodder begin crowding Zoro with glory on the mind, while Zoro ponders that going all out with his Haki will surely kill him.

Zoro abolishes the thought, saying that’s how it’s meant to be. As he says this, the Beast Pirate fodder begin getting knocked out just by being close to Zoro. Longtime fans of the series may remember Shanks having this effect on some Whitebeard Pirates crewmates as well.

King says he sees Zoro also has “kingly ambitions,” a cheeky way of saying Zoro has awakened his Conqueror’s Haki. Not only that, but Zoro already is imbuing each of his three swords with Conqueror’s and Armament Haki.

The Armament Haki is shown by the smoke, which Enma has constantly created while pulling that Haki, and Conqueror’s by the black lightning we’ve previously seen.

In One Piece Chapter 1033’s final panels, Zoro says King must be right. Zoro then says he made a promise to his “captain… and [his] oldest friend” which Zoro seems to be suggesting Luffy is both of.

Wrapping up

Crazy how the monster trio been carrying the raid now Best trio in manga #ONEPIECE1033

Overall, One Piece Chapter 1033 proved to be a dense and rewarding chapter for longtime fans of the series. While not as in depth as Sanji’s Whole Cake Island development, Zoro still gets some great backstory and a fantastic powerup as a result.

One Piece Chapter 1033 also establishes that King is a part of the Lunarian race. Readers also learn the Lunarians have incredible survivability and were referred to as gods long ago. This explains why Zoro has been unable to affect King thus far.

With Zoro now having advanced Conqueror’s Haki, the tides of this battle will surely swing in Zoro’s favor. Be sure to read the official release of One Piece Chapter 1033 once it releases on Sunday, November 27.

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