RWBY: Fans take to Twitter to express their excitement as Shaft announces their latest project

Fans react to Shaft's latest project (image via Mounty Oum)
Fans react to Shaft's latest project (image via Mounty Oum)

Studio Shaft has announced that it would be taking the RWBY series up as its latest project. It is a popular anime-influenced 3D animated series created by Mounty Oum. This series made its debut way back in 2013 and became extremely popular after its screening in the RTX event.

As a result, fans of the series have quite a good reason to be excited.

Fans took to Twitter to discuss the news and whether or not the series would be a good watch. Certain die-hard fans are elated since Shaft is the studio responsible for the Fate series and believe that the studio will do a good job. However, the community is a little divided on this topic.

Fans take to Twitter to react to Shaft's latest project: RWBY

First and foremost, the announcement also revealed who would be a part of the core team of the series. The director of RWBY will be Toshimasa Suzuki, Gen Urobuchi will be responsible for the animation concept, Tow Ubukata will handle the script, and the character design will be done by Huke.

Fans expressed their excitement as the project will have people who have worked on some of the most popular anime series of our time. Gen Urobuchi has worked on other series like Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass and the Fate series.

Some fans believe that RWBY was one of those rare anime original series that were extremely enjoyable. While the first three seasons were good, some of the later works weren't up to the mark and fans hope that the series gets revived after Shaft reworks on this latest project.

Another set of fans were excited to see that the series might also include Bandai Namco in the production stages. The implications are still unclear but fans are being extremely optimistic and hope that RWBY collaborates with Tekken, one of the most iconic fighting games.

Some fans thought that one of the characters that was featured on the poster resembled Esdeath from the popular anime series, Akame Ga Kill!.

Some of the older fans that have been a part of RWBY's journey since its inception wished that the creator, Mounty Oum, could see how far his series has come. The creator passed away back in 2015. Fans believe that his legacy will continue forever.

It's safe to say that a majority of people are excited for this series and it will be interesting to see how Shaft animates this. There is a fair bit of pressure on the studio since the fanbase is extremely passionate about the series. But looking at Shaft's track record, people can expect top-tier work on this new project.