Senku's 10 greatest inventions in Dr. Stone

The Sulfa Drug invention roadmap as seen in the series' anime (Image via TMS Entertainment)
The Sulfa Drug invention roadmap as seen in the series' anime (Image via TMS Entertainment)

Throughout Dr. Stone, Senku and his Kingdom of Science cohorts always seem to be able to make the impossible happen. These impossible achievements always seem to build on top of one another too, further capitalizing on previous progress.

While several inventions are made throughout Dr. Stone, both big and small, there are those that stand out from the crowd. Whether how foundational they are, or what opportunities they created outside of science, these inventions are quite valuable.

Here are Senku’s ten greatest inventions seen in Dr. Stone.

Waterwheel generator and 9 other inventions in Dr. Stone comprise Senku’s greatest

1) Sulfa drug

While not incredibly important after its immediate creation and use, the Sulfa drug is vital in Senku gaining the trust of Ishigami village. By curing Ruri’s mysterious sickness, he’s able to lay the foundations of the Kingdom of Science via a relationship with Ishigami village. Without a doubt, the Sulfa drug is one of his best inventions.

2) Revival fluid

Even more integral than the Sulfa drug was the creation of the revival fluid. With this, Senku is able to bring back petrified humans en masse. This adds to the ranks of the Kingdom of Science, producing more manpower and making subsequent inventions easier. Revival fluid is arguably the foundation every other invention is built upon.

3) Spaceship/spacesuits

Serving as their ultimate invention to confront Why-man, the series’ final arc sees the Kingdom of Science construct a working spaceship and spacesuits. With this, a team is sent to the moon to confront Why-man, leading to startling realizations. As the final step to achieving their ultimate goal, space exploration tools are easily some of Senku’s best inventions.

4) Cell phone

The cell phone and its long range communication of information proved integral early in the series. Besides reuniting Taiju, Yuzuriha, and Senku, it also led to Nikki and Ukyo defecting from Tsukasa’s side.

While eventually everyone joins the Kingdom of Science, these two initial defections were incredibly valuable and helped secure Senku’s win over Tsukasa’s empire.

5) Lenses

Both for sight and science purposes, the lenses are some of Senku’s best inventions in Dr. Stone. They allow both Kinro and Suika to finally be able to see clearly, as well as allowing the construction of microscopes.

They’re also foundational for later inventions like the camera, further proving their significance and importance.

6) Waterwheel generator

The waterwheel generator marked a significant development for the Kingdom of Science during Dr. Stone. Previously, Senku and Chrome had charged batteries and created electricity for other purposes with a hand-powered generator technique.

Now, they could sit back and let nature do the work, charging lead-acid batteries and powering other inventions.

7) The Perseus

When the time came for international exploration, the biggest problem was the need for a proper sailing ship. Without the Perseus, Dr. Stone’s story would be remarkably different, essentially axing the entire second half of the series.

The goal of reaching the moon also required resources from other countries, further emphasizing the Perseus’ significance.

8) Soap

As Senku eloquently puts it at the beginning of the series, soap is their doctor in this stone world, hence the series’ name being Dr. Stone. From general hygiene to cleaning out wounds, soap is an integral part of their survival in this prehistoric (or more aptly, post-historic) age. Like many other inventions, soap also serves as a basis for future creations.

9) Camera

Although more of a stand-alone invention than others on this list, the camera is still incredibly important in Dr. Stone. It allows for the progress of Senku to be inarguably captured on film, proving the genius he is.

Later on, it also proves instrumental in locating Why-man’s hiding spot on the moon, thanks to being used in combination with Kohaku’s eagle eyes.

10) Computer

Finally, the computer is one of the greatest inventions created in Dr. Stone. Its uses in the story range from GPS to recreation of video games. Both of these inventions were significant milestones for humanity’s development.

Like the camera, it also proves integral in Dr. Stone’s final arc during preparation for the Why-man's assault.