Should One Piece visit Elbaf after Wano Country?

Usopp wants to go here someday (Image via Sportskeeda)
Usopp wants to go here someday (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece built up Elbaf for the past few decades, so it would be a shame if the Straw Hats never went there.

Wano Country holds the record for the longest arc in the series. With so many shocking revelations, it's evident that Eiichiro Oda is approaching the final stages. A vocal minority of One Piece fans believe that he should just skip Elbaf and move on to Laugh Tale or the final war.

However, it would be a huge mistake to miss out on Elbaf, even though, understandably, some fans want to move onto the final stretch. As a solution, Oda can always make Elbaf a critical destination for the Straw Hats.

One Piece should take a trip to Elbaf right after Wano Country

Elbaf is a mysterious kingdom ruled by giants, somewhere in a region known as Warland. Many One Piece fans have been looking forward to it for several years now, and there is a reason why it shouldn't be skipped along the way.

There is too much build up for it to be skipped


One Piece is regularly criticized for its extended length. Twenty-five years later, the series finally enters its end game after Wano Country. A few readers believe there isn't much reason for Oda to go to Elbaf.

One Piece is very close to reaching the finish line now, yet the Straw Hats still need to make this detour. Ever since Brogy and Dorry were introduced in the Little Garden arc, giants have played a significant role in the story. Usopp outright stated that he wanted to go there.


Whole Cake Island also built up the land of giants. Big Mom's entire backstory took place there, not to mention that she wanted their military power.

Elbaf is regarded as the strongest country in the world. Big Mom even believed that she could easily become the Pirate King with their assistance.

It should also be noted that Oda could always give Straw Hats a reason to visit Elbaf. For example, the final Road Poneglyph can be found there. Perhaps Luffy can meet Shanks there for whatever reason.

Either way, the One Piece story could easily find its way to the Warlands.

One Piece could use a relatively lighter arc


Wano Country is a very long arc with over a hundred chapters already. With that in mind, there is precedence for short arcs to follow longer ones, such as Zou after Dressrosa.

Elbaf could easily fit this mold for the next arc. It would give readers some room to breathe while setting up the next adventure.

Usopp needs to have his big moment


Unlike most Straw Hats, Usopp barely got to do anything in Wano Country. Elbaf needs to be his shining moment in the series.

Despite his cowardly nature, it's always been his dream to see the giant warriors. He may not have their strength, but he desperately wants their courage.

For the sake of his character development, Usopp has to make his way into Elbaf, making it a major turning point in the storyline.

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