10 biggest rivalries in the One Piece series

Zoro and Sanji always try to upstage the other (Image via Toei Animation)
Zoro and Sanji always try to upstage the other (Image via Toei Animation)

The One Piece series is not without conflicts, whether it's between friends or foes.

Fierce rivals have a competitive drive to surpass each other. They often claim superiority in a specific field, yet they need to prove it first. Without a doubt, the biggest One Piece rivalries bring out the best in both opponents. Fans shouldn't expect any less from these characters.

Whether it's criminals fighting against the law, or simply a friendly contest between old pals, these rivalries have redefined the series. One Piece just wouldn't be the same without these heated matchups.

Top 10 biggest rivalries in the One Piece series include Zoro vs Sanji, Law versus Doflamingo and more

10) Zoro versus Sanji


This is arguably the most heated rivalry in the One Piece community. Zoro versus Sanji debates often dominate threads on a daily basis.

With that said, their brotherly rivalry is meant to be comical rather than serious. It all started back in the Little Garden arc, where they competed in a dinosaur hunt. Zoro and Sanji are highly competitive and often compare themselves, such as their respective bounties.

They even have derogatory nicknames for each other. For instance, Sanji often calls Zoro a "marimo" which stands for moss head.

9) Brogy versus Dorry


These giant warriors made their first appearance in the Little Garden arc. 100 years prior, they argued over who caught the bigger fish. For over a century, these two characters fought against each other.

Very few One Piece characters can hold such a grudge for that long. Giants are just built differently in this series.

8) Law versus Doflamingo


These popular One Piece characters were destined to become very bitter rivals. During the Dressrosa arc, it was revealed that Law used to work under Doflamingo. However, the Ope Ope no Mi user realized that he would have to sacrifice his life if he gave Doflamingo the immortality operation.

To make it worse, Doflamingo ended up murdering his own brother Corazon, who was responsible for giving Law his Devil Fruit. Had it not been for Corazon, Law wouldn't have been able to save himself from a life-threatening illness.

Ever since then, Law has swore vengeance against the Heavenly Yaksha. He finally got what he wanted in the Dressrosa arc, when the Straw Hat pirates took down the Donquixote Pirates.

7) Kaido versus Big Mom


These powerful emperors have known each other since their early days in the Rocks Pirates. Big Mom even gave Kaido his Devil Fruit and had stated that he would be indebted to her for the rest of his life.

Nowadays, both of them want to kill each other. They are natural enemies, given their status as pirates. With that said, they did form a brief alliance during the Wano Country arc. Even then, both of them intend to finish off the other when they find the One Piece.

6) Mihawk versus Shanks


Long before the start of the story, Shanks and Mihawk would regularly duel with each other in the Grand Line. Their epic bouts were considered legendary by everybody from that era. However, Mihawk stopped fighting Shanks when the latter gave up his arm to protect Luffy.

Both these men have untold respect for each other, despite their contests. During the Marineford arc, when Shanks arrived to stop the war, Mihawk said he wouldn't bother helping out the Marines.

5) Aokiji versus Akainu


During the One Piece timeskip, both men fought in a battle to the death. When Sengoku resigned, the position of Fleet Admiral became available.

Aokiji didn't want Akainu to inherit this important title, given their completely different views on morality. The former despised the latter for his adherence to 'Absolute Justice,' which resulted in the death of innocent Ohara scholars over a decade ago. Both men had fought each other for ten consecutive days.

After a grueling battle, Aokiji lost while Akainu became the Fleet Admiral. Although his life was spared, Aokiji refused to work underneath Akainu. He proceeded to leave the Marine organization for good.

4) Roger versus Whitebeard


Very few One Piece characters would fight the Pirate King so willingly. The legendary Whitebeard was known for his epic showdowns with Roger. Both men even fought each other for three consecutive days. Their Conqueror's Haki clash is a crowning moment in the One Piece series.

Either way, they had a great deal of respect for each other. Whitebeard even looked after Roger's biological son Ace.

3) Garp versus Roger


Roger only respected two Marines within his lifetime. Garp and Sengoku were often tasked with bringing the Pirate King to justice, simply because they were the only Marines strong enough to do so. Roger had a particular rivalry with Garp since they corned each other many times.

Normally, they would be considered enemies since Roger was a pirate. However, they did team up together during the God Valley incident, where they had to bring down the infamous Rocks D. Xebec.

2) Roger versus Xebec


Several decades ago, Rocks D. Xebec was the biggest threat in the One Piece series. The World Government wanted him dead, so they willingly teamed up with Gol D. Roger himself.

Xebec was considered Roger's biggest rival, which is a very impressive feat. Not even Whitebeard could make that claim, and he was a mere subordinate under Xebec. With the help of Garp, Roger finally took down the infamous pirate.

1) Luffy versus Blackbeard


This is the most important rivalry in the entire One Piece series. Both of these dreamers want to become the Pirate King someday. However, they would inevitably have to clash with each other.

Blackbeard was fully responsible for capturing Ace and sending him to Impel Down, which eventually resulted in his death. Luffy never forgave Blackbeard for what he did, which is what made this rivalry so personal.

Both of these One Piece characters are completely different contrasts from each other. Luffy always smiles in the face of death, whereas Blackbeard runs away from it like a coward. The Straw Hat also decides his fate for himself, while Blackbeard simply believes in letting it happen.

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