10 One Piece characters that fans can’t wait to see in action

Dragon is known as the World's Worst Criminal (Image via Toei Animation)
Dragon is known as the World's Worst Criminal (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece is not yet over, which means there are still many characters that fans want to see more from.

With a run that has lasted over 20 years, the One Piece series is rich with history and lore. Fans have celebrated world building, interesting characters, and the complex backstories. Eiichiro Oda is held in high regard for always building up to bigger moments in his story.

However, the series can't go on forever, which means these payoffs must arrive sooner rather than later. There are several One Piece characters that have been slowly built up for several years now. Eventually, their arrival will mark a major turning point in the One Piece series.

Top 10 One Piece characters that fans would love to see make their move

10) Five Elders


There is almost nothing known about these characters, despite their introduction in the Jaya arc several years ago. What is known is that they want to keep the Void Century hidden from public knowledge.

They rarely appear in the story, but when they do, it usually means something important is about to happen. For example, during the Levely arc, they seem to worship the mysterious Im despite their status as Celestrial Dragons.

There are too many questions surrounding these figures, such as their names and whether or not they can fight.

9) Crocodile


Crocodile's story isn't over just yet, given the unresolved mysteries behind his character. For example, he seems to have a basic knowledge of Ancient Weapons, which is expressly forbidden by the World Government. Revolutionary commander Ivankov also knows a terribly dark secret.

Either way, Crocodile is somewhere out in the world. The former Baroque Works leader still has a narrative role to play in the story.

8) Dracule Mihawk


Mihawk is considered the greatest swordsman in the One Piece series. He was also a former rival of Shanks, which makes him extremely powerful.

However, his motivations in life are largely unknown. There has to be a reason why he wanted to claim the legendary title of greatest swordsman. Very little is known about him or his main residence, Kuraigana Island.

7) Rocks D. Xebec


Technically speaking, Rocks was already deceased long before Luffy was ever born. The pirate died fighting both Roger and Garp in God Valley, which took place some 38 years ago.

Many fans want to see a flashback to his reign of terror, back when he shook the world to its foundations. His legendary crew included the following pirates, who eventually became big names themselves:

  • Whitebeard
  • Big Mom
  • Kaido
  • Shiki

Rocks is among the strongest characters in the One Piece series, if not the strongest. Fans would love to see what he was like back then.

6) Im


Not much is known about the true ruler of the world. Im sits on the Empty Throne, where they secretly give orders to the highest authorities in the World Government. They are directly responsible for many events that have transpired in the story, such as erasing certain figures from history.

Whoever this person is, they might be the answer to the biggest questions in One Piece, such as the Void Century.

5) Marshall D. Teach


There is so much that fans want to learn about Blackbeard. Whether it's his ability to eat multiple Devil Fruits, or his inability to sleep, Marshall D. Teach doesn't seem to make any sense. He is a living contradiction in seemingly human form.

It's currently unknown why he wants to find the titular One Piece treasure in the first place. Blackbeard seems to have a connection with Rocks D. Xebec, considering he named his ship after the infamous captain. He definitely knows more about history than he lets on.

4) Shanks


Shanks has always been an enigmatic figure in the One Piece series. Unlike most Emperors of the Sea, he is rarely seen fighting. However, he must be incredibly powerful to stand alongside their ranks, despite lacking a Devil Fruit. Shanks must possess some of the strongest Haki in the series.

What makes Shanks such a mysterious character is that his motivations are entirely unknown. Fans want to know why he can grant himself an audience with the Five Elders, despite his criminal status.

3) Vegapunk


Vegapunk is the answer to many questions regarding Devil Fruits in One Piece. The brilliant scientist is at least 500 years ahead of his time, given his work on Pacifista cyborgs and artificial Devil Fruits.

Oda had the following to say about Vegapunk's future appearance:

"For more detail, you'll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are... eventually."

Fans cannot wait until such a day finally arrives.

2) Monkey D. Dragon


As the son of Garp, Dragon went down a very different path in life. The revolutionary leader is strongly opposed to the World Government, which makes him a dangerous threat to their operations. For the most part, Dragon has been relegated as a background character in One Piece.

However, he is directly responsible for saving the lives of several important characters. Dragon prevented Smoker from arresting Luffy in Loguetown. He also rescued Sabo from the wreckage of a blown up ship.

The World Government considers Dragon to be the World's Worst Criminal. One Piece fans cannot wait to see him in action, given his intentions to overthrow the corrupt regime. As a member of the Monkey family, it's often speculated that Dragon is among the strongest characters in the series.

1) The original Joy Boy


Joy Boy lies at the center of the One Piece mystery. 900 years ago, he left a great treasure on the island of Laugh Tale. The true history of the world, including what happened in the Void Century, is tied directly to Joy Boy.

Whoever this person was, they left a great legacy in their wake. Joy Boy is the key to solving the biggest puzzles in the One Piece series.

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