Will One Piece end at episode 1000? Future of the anime explained

Will One Piece end after the release of episode 1000. Future of One Piece explained (Image via Toei Animation)
Will One Piece end after the release of episode 1000. Future of One Piece explained (Image via Toei Animation)
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One Piece fans are taking a moment to celebrate the show as episode 1000 is a few days away from being on air. The One Piece community fondly recalls the earlier parts of the journey and express their gratitude towards Eiichiro Oda for creating this masterpiece.


While some fans wonder if the show will end after airing episode 1000, most believe that the anime will continue for a few more years. One Piece is at a crucial stage, and the upcoming episode will give fans some clarity on the direction in which the plot will progress.

The future of One Piece

It’s never easy to predict the plot of any show, especially One Piece. But the anime series left behind a set of clues that could give its viewers a sense of what could come in the future.

The Little Garden arc teased viewers as the Straw Hats made their way to the island of giants. A good number of giants spoke about their homeland throughout their journey. One Piece fans have come across homes of angels, dwarves and fish people, and therefore it is highly likely that viewers will get to watch Elbaf in its glory. Usopp might be able to realize his dream of becoming a brave warrior at sea.

Nico Robin, one of the most liked characters in One Piece, is dedicated to unravelling the mystery of Poneglyphs. One Piece fans believe that the fate of the show lies in her hands to a considerable extent. One Piece will likely conclude Nico Robin’s story.


Sabo’s fate is uncertain, and One Piece might have Monkey D. Luffy attempt another rescue by storming into Marine HQ. The first attempt was unsuccessful as Ace had to sacrifice his life. The second attempt might be successful as the One Piece protagonist has grown far stronger than the last time he was in Marine HQ. Likely, One Piece will not end until he avenges his older brother Ace.


These are some of the possible scenarios and arcs that One Piece fans can expect in the future. It seems that the show will go on for another five years at least, and it only makes sense for the show to reach its conclusion when the Straw Hat Pirates realize their dreams.

Note: The scenarios mentioned above and arcs are fan theories and speculation as there are no official announcements regarding the future of One Piece.

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