Solo Leveling anime: Expected release date, streaming platform, and more

Jinwoo from Solo Leveling (Image via DUBU)
Jinwoo from Solo Leveling (Image via DUBU)

Solo Leveling is arguably the most talked about manhwa in the industry and is a strong contributor to the rise of Korean comic narratives in the international sphere. The manhwa rose to fame in 2018 with its Webtoon publication and was met with both popular and critical praise, lauding its fresh take on the modern hero narrative.

Like most popular manga and comic series, Solo Leveling is set to be adapted as an animation on popular demand. Fans are now in anticipation of the release.

Everything we know about Solo Leveling anime so far

At the Anime Expo 2022, it was announced that the manhwa will be brought to the screen in 2023. It will be produced by A-1 Pictures, a studio known for creating popular anime like Sword Art Online and Black Butler. Crunchyroll will license the anime, so we know the manhwa will eventually find itself on the streaming platform upon release.

Two concept sketches for the show, designed by Tomoko Sudo, were revealed earlier this year during Aniplex Online Fest 2022. With a confirmed 2023 release, the exact date is yet to be specified, and the VA cast is also unknown right now.

Shunsuke Nakashige will be in charge of direction, and Noboru Kimura will write the screenplay. The music will be provided by Hiroyuki Sawano, whose previous works include score compositions for anime icons like Attack on Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Kill La Kill.

The released trailer promises breathtaking animation complementing the adrenaline-filled narrative of the original manhwa. Fans on Twitter have been very active in scouting for updates, and the excitement for the release is palpable.

More about Solo Leveling

Written by Chugong, Solo Leveling, initially, a web novel, was illustrated for the Webtoon platform by the late Jang Sung Rak, aka DUBU. Spanning a total of fourteen volumes, Solo Leveling saw its conclusion in December 2021.

It is set in a world infested with deadly monsters coming from a different dimension, the access to which was opened by Gates. They threaten humanity with destruction. Humans with special abilities, known as Hunters, who kill the monsters, are the only hope for defeating the lethal entities.

Jinwoo, as seen in the webtoon (image via DUBU)
Jinwoo, as seen in the webtoon (image via DUBU)

Our protagonist, Jinwoo, is an exceptionally weak Hunter who almost gets his entire part killed in a predicament with a high-ranking Double Dungeon. After the incident, Jinwoo finds himself mysteriously scouted by an organization called the System, which helps him level up and become its sole player. With his newfound powers, Jinwoo becomes a powerful Hunter, uncovering the secrets lurking behind the dungeons and his enigmatic sudden luck.

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