Solo Leveling release schedule: All episodes and when they arrive 

Solo Leveling has kicked off with a bang (Image via A-1 Pictures)
Solo Leveling release schedule (Image via A-1 Pictures)

The internet is brimming with excitement following the airing of the Solo Leveling anime. Fans are thrilled for the rest of the season after episode one, which introduced protagonist Sung Jin-Woo and the world of Hunters and Magic Beasts. The season's premiere episode was rated an average of 8.62 out of 10 on IMDb, indicating how hyped it is.

With the anime finally airing, many are interested in the season's release schedule and the number of episodes that will be released. All the information regarding Solo Leveling anime is given below for fans to peruse.

Solo Leveling anime release schedule


The Solo Leveling anime released its first episode on January 6, 2024, as announced. According to the official website and home media release schedule in Japan, season 1 of Solo Leveling will have 12 episodes. Given the success of its Webtoon and how the kind of hype its anime adaptation garnered, the decision to go with 12 episodes is intriguing.

DateEpisode NumberRelease Timing
January 6, 2024
Episode 1 (Released)
January 13, 2024Episode 2 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
January 20, 2024Episode 3 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
January 27, 2024Episode 4 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
February 3, 2024
Episode 5 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
February 10, 2024Episode 6 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
February 17, 2024Episode 7 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
February 24, 2024Episode 7.5 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
March 2, 2024
Episode 8 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
March 9, 2024
Episode 9 (Released)24:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
March 16, 2024
Episode 1024:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
March 23, 2024
Episode 1124:00/20:30/10:00/15:00
March 30, 2024Episode 1224:00/20:30/10:00/15:00

The first episode of the Solo Leveling anime was released on January 6, 2024. The table given above summarizes the release schedule for the anime. However, the date and time are subject to change at the studio's discretion and may be announced when done so.

Some alleged rumors online suggest that the first season will have two consecutive cours. Nonetheless, nothing has been confirmed yet. If there is indeed a second cour, likely comprising another 12 or 13 episodes, that will take the first season to a total of 25 episodes. This would be the more fitting style of adaption.

Solo Leveling Season 1 so far

Sung Jin-Woo in episode 1(Image via A-1 Pictures)
Sung Jin-Woo in episode 1(Image via A-1 Pictures)

Solo Leveling anime introduces the world of Hunters in the first two episodes with some doctoring of the novel and webtoon timeline. Over ten years ago, these "Magic Beasts" first appeared through mysterious gates. The gates lead to Dungeons, which are rife with monsters and treasures called Essence stones.

During this time, some humans awakened magical abilities. They were called Hunters and ranked S, A, B, C, D, or E according to their magic power capacities. The Hunters regularly venture into the Dungeons to both obtain treasures and prevent dungeon breaks, which happen seven days after a gate opens.

Some of the important supporting characters like the members of the Hunter's Association, Go Gun-Hee and Woo Jin-Chul, Jin-Woo's sister Jin-Ah and her friend Han Song-Yi, and S-rank hunters Cha Hae-In, Choi Jong-In, and Baek Yoon-Ho have also been shown in the first episode, but they are yet to be properly introduced.

Protagonist Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank and dubbed the “World’s Weakest Hunter,” found himself part of a group raiding a D-rank Dungeon. This turns out to be a double Dungeon, where Jin-Woo loses a leg and becomes trapped inside it. On the verge of death, he accepted the role of a player in a mysterious game.

What to expect from Solo Leveling Season 1

The smiling statue (Image via A-1 Pictures)
The smiling statue (Image via A-1 Pictures)

With Solo Leveling opening having previewed Igris, the first season is guaranteed to cover the Job Change Arc, which covers characters 38-45 of the webtoon (46-55 of the novel). The season will also likely cover Jin-woo's interaction with Han Song-Yi.

While the first episode only covered three webtoon chapters due to added anime-original content, episode 2 covered seven webtoon chapters. At this pace, the first cour can cover the first 80 webtoon chapters, which will be the middle of the Return to the Demon Castle arc.

This will introduce several characters hitherto unseen in the anime, such as Esil, Iron, and possibly Tusk. However, 12 episodes won't likely be enough to introduce Thomas Andre to the anime.

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