Spy X Family chapter 58: Bond and Loid in danger

Spy X Family beings a new arc (Image Via Crunchyroll)
Spy X Family beings a new arc (Image Via Crunchyroll)

Spy X Family chapter 58 was released today on Jump+, and it is the first part of a multi-part arc, which is rare in Tatsuya Endo's Spy X Family manga. Titled “Mission 58, Part 1”, Spy X Family chapter 58 focuses on Loid Forger and the Forger family dog, Bond.

The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, promising a continuation of the story in chapter 59. With an anime adaptation on the horizon, fans' excitement for the new chapter is at its peak. Spy X Family chapter 58 is available for reading on Viz.com and Manga Plus.

Spy X Family chapter 58 is the begining of a new arc

Spy X Family chapter 57 recap

In Spy X Family chapter 57, we see Anya trying to impress her classmates at Eden Academy, especially Demian, with the tales of her adventure at the Cruise. Just when Demian seemed impressed with Anya’s story, her best friend Becky unintentionally downplayed Anya’s adventure by regaling them with stories of her own time at the Imperial Suite of the cruise.

This lead Anya to fabricate the existence of a pirate and her adventures with said pirate in order to impress her classmates. Regrettably, her lies are easily detected by her friends, Demian amongst them, disheartening Anya. At home, by reading the thoughts of Loid, Yor, and Yuri, Anya realizes that every member of her foster family is an exceptional liar, and resigned, she swears off lying for now.

Spy X Family chapter 58

Spy X Family chapter 58 begins in a park with Loid training Bond on how to apprehend a criminal. Franky plays the suspect, and Loid teaches Bond to corner and capture the criminal.

However, Bond, being as good-natured as he is, fails to be intimidating. Franky points out that such rigorous training is probably reminding Bond of his days as a test subject in Project Apple. Understanding Bond’s dilemma, Loid halts the training and takes Bond on a normal walk.

Bond, however, is very disappointed in himself, thinking that Loid sees him as useless. When he gets the vision of a little kid losing his ice cream, he seeks to prove his usefulness by preventing this incident. Unfortunately, unable to control his momentum, Bond becomes the reason that the child loses his ice cream in the first place.

Wanting to redeem himself, Bond acts on his second vision of the day, an old man getting hit by a bicycle. Alas, as he moves to pull the old man out of the way, the people around them are disturbed, leading Loid to chastize Bond. Again he causes a commotion but accomplishes nothing in Spy X Family chapter 58.

Soon, Bond gets a third vision, a woman crying out for her “Daisy’, who seems to be her child, in front of a burning building. Bond rushes to this place, Loid in tow, and runs into the building even before the woman starts crying. Loid is sufficiently irritated and astonished by this point, and follows Bond inside.

However, upon entering, he comes across Bond carrying a puppy, who is the “Daisy” whom the woman was crying for. Understanding that Bond only wanted to save the puppy, Loid is proud, and starts to help all of them get out of danger. But burning debris fell all around them, trapping Bond, Loid, and Daisy inside.


Spy X Family chapter 58 helps readers understand the importance of Anya and Bond’s relationship. Without Anya’s ability to read thoughts, Bond’s unique ability to see the future doesn’t lead to much, and Bond is not equipped to properly act on it, even if he wants to.

Spy X Family chapter 58 also elaborated on the trauma Bond suffers from having been used as a test subject for most of his life, and leads the readers to question how much Anya suffers from her own experiences.

Neither Anya nor Yor were featured in Spy X Family chapter 58, but that gave mangaka Tatsuya Endo enough room to expand upon Loid’s relationship with Bond. Loid wants to understand Bond, and throughout Spy X Family chapter 58 he grows steadily closer to Bond.

With Loid and Bond both trapped inside the burning building however, it can be predicted that we might see Anya or Yor or both of them come to their family’s rescue in Spy X Family chapter 59.

Jump + will be going on a publication break next week, so Spy X Family chapter 59 will only come out on January 9, 2022. Spy X Family chapter 59 will be officially available for reading on Viz.com and Manga Plus.

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