Stone Ocean: Jotaro finally gives in to an attack from Whitesnake that no one saw coming

Whitesnake finally attacks Jotaro in episode 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean (Image via Netflix)
Whitesnake finally attacks Jotaro in episode 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean (Image via Netflix)
Rohan Jagannath

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean is one of the most hyped and trending anime shows right now. Fans have been at the edge of their seats ever since the announcement regarding Part 6 receiving an anime adaptation was made.

Since Netflix released the first 12 episodes in one go, fans got to witness a fight takes place between Kujo Jotaro, Jolyne Cujoh, Whitesnake and Johngalli A.

Kujo Jotaro and Jolyne Cujoh vs Whitesnake in Stone Ocean

Jolyne Cujoh enters the visitation room where she meets her father, Kujo Jotaro. During their conversation, Jotaro realizes the brand of cigarette was different from what he saw, realizing that he was in a dream. The protagonists of Stone Ocean realize that Johngalli A. is trying to kill them using his stand that compliments his sniping abilities.

Jotaro was quick to analyze the situation and understand the powers of Johngalli’s stand, Manhattan Transfer. Jolyne runs after the little boy into a secret passage where she barely escapes from one of Johngalli's bullets. The Stone Ocean protagonist looks at Jotaro and realizes that something is wrong. It was at this moment she realized that the events that transpired were all in her dream. This was the work of an enemy stand.

Jolyne manages to wake Jotaro up, who uses his Star Platinum to escape from Whitesnake’s corrosive acid. They try to navigate to a point in jail that is closest to the shore. They were under the assumption that one of the prison guards had tracked them down. But Johngalli A. makes an appearance who happened to disguise himself as one of the prison guards.


He unloads a clip from his gun and Kujo Jotaro activates The World. In that moment, he pushes Jolyne away and uses his Ora Ora Rush to deflect most of the bullets. Unfortunately, this was just a decoy for Whitesnake to sneak up behind Jotaro and attack him. Whitesnake, using its ability, removed Star Platinum from Jotaro.

With all 12 episodes released simultaneously, Stone Ocean fans have been able to catch the whole show and avoid any cliffhangers.

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