JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 'Stone Ocean': Goo Goo Dolls, Manhattan Transfer, and 5 more stands we'll see this season

What stands can one expect to see Stone Ocean (image via Netflix)
What stands can one expect to see Stone Ocean (image via Netflix)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean has been trending since the anime series premiered today. Like every other shonen series, there was a dedicated anime-only fan base waiting for Stone Ocean.

Therefore, a good chunk of the community has been eagerly awaiting the stands showcased in Part 6.

This article talks about some of the stands one can see in Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the manga.

What are the stands one can see in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean?

1) Stone Free

Stone Free is Jolyne Cujoh’s stand, one with great combat abilities. It is versatile, allowing the stand user to use strings to manipulate physical objects and hear sound sources that are present far away from the user. Similar to Star Platinum, it is quite powerful and agile, making it a stand that is great for combat in Stone Ocean.

2) Star Platinum

It is one of the most popular stands, loved by fans across the globe. Star Platinum shines in close range combat. Its agility, quick reaction time and raw strength make it a strong stand in Stone Ocean. The most popular move is the Ora Ora Rush, which is a barrage of strong punches that are blisteringly fast.

Star Finger allows Jotaro to extend his middle finger or his index finger, which can be used to take enemies out by surprise.

3) Whitesnake

This stand belongs to the main antagonist of Stone Ocean, Enrico Pucci. “Melt your heart” is a move that allows Pucci to create an acid that can digest any object. Apart from that, he also has the power of illusion which allows the stand user to disguise himself as someone else.

The only way for a victim to wake up from this dream is to notice the difference between the dream and the reality they experience. This is an extremely strong Stone Ocean.

4) Manhattan Transfer

This stand belongs to Johngalli A, one of the last faithful servants of Dio Brando. This stand does not have combat ability, but it compliments the sniping abilities of the stand user.

This stand is capable of detecting extremely subtle movements in-air, giving an accurate analysis of the air and bullet redirection.

5) Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls is a stand that belongs to a Stone Ocean character named Gwess. It is small in size, has mechanical arms, looks like a robot, and is quite weak against other stand users. She uses her stand to shrink her enemies and turn them into pets.

6) Gold Experience Requiem

This stand belongs to Giorno Giovanna and is considered to be one of the strongest stands in Stone Ocean- possibly in the entire series. This stand has an arcane power to revert anything to zero or undo any action performed by the enemy. It also has life-giving abilities

7) Weather Report

This stand belongs to Domenico Pucci, Enrico Pucci’s fraternal twin. It gives him the ability to control the weather.

These are some of the stands one can expect in Stone Ocean.

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