Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 spoilers and raw scans: Kokonoi and Inui join forces, Mikey makes an unexpected move

The four key figures in chapter 252 (Image via Kodansha)
The four key figures in chapter 252 (Image via Kodansha)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 returns this week after the Golden Week break with some unexpected developments. Fans had anticipated an emotional encounter between Mikey and Pah-Chin, but the developments regarding Hanma’s fight came as a surprise.

The spoilers and raw scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 that were leaked a while ago denote that the confrontation between Kokonoi and Inui has also come full circle with an unexpected declaration. However, no news of Takemichi or Senju has been divulged in the spoilers.

[This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252]

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 raw scans show Kokonoi returning to Inui’s side while Mikey gets serious in his fight against Pah-Chin

In the last chapter, Koko finally decided to let go of Akane after having a vision of her thanking him. He came to Inui’s rescue and punched Benkei. Elsewhere, Mikey ordered Hanma to take care of the battle. Hanma challenged Chifuyu, Akkun, Mitsuya, and Hakkai to battle. Meanwhile, Pah-Chin came up to Mikey and challenged him.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 spoilers

Chapter 252 written spoilers (Image via UchihaBenzene)
Chapter 252 written spoilers (Image via UchihaBenzene)

The first set of raw scans show that Hanma has managed to defeat both Akkun and Hakkai. He stands in front of Chifuyu and Mitsuya, both of whom are visibly beaten up, and proceeds to fight them next. Hanma says something along the lines of “entertain me” to Mitsuya.

On the other hand, Mikey gets serious in his fight against Pah-Chin. He takes off his Kantou jacket and easily overpowers Pah in the fight. Pah-Chin, visibly upset and crying, says that he no longer understands Mikey’s motives and wishes, but he still wants Mikey to be happy. Toman’s first generation has always been happy when Mikey is smiling. However, Mikey does not relent and finally knocks Pah unconscious.

Kokonoi and Inui are still fighting Benkei and Wakasa. Inui asks Koko not to give up even when the odds are against them. Kokonoi replies that he never got over Akane’s death and chased after money as a consolation and compensation, thinking that money could help him save the people he cared about.

However, he reveals that he has finally let Akane go. He vows that he will follow Inui from on, since he is Koko’s “one true friend.” They stand back-to-back in their fight against Benkei and Wakasa, and Kokonoi says,

“Let’s go to Hell together.”


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 raw scans do not elaborate on Hanma’s fight with Hakkai and Akkun. However, Hanma is relatively unharmed and he has always been known to be a good fighter. Mitsuya and Chifuyu, on the other hand, have just returned from their respective, draining fights. While Hanma seems to be enjoying himself, it has not been made clear what he meant by 'survivors of death' when he addressed the four.

While Kokonoi and Inui do have a moderate chance of defeating the Black Dragon Duo, they are both beaten up and out of sync. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 indicates that Kokonoi has reaffirmed his loyalty to Inui, having let go of Akane. With this, the loose ends of their arc seem to have been tied up, which some readers consider to be a death-flag.

Mikey’s poker-faced aggression is unexpected but not shocking. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 spoilers make readers question whether Mikey has any awareness of the damage he is inflicting, or if he is completely numb to his surroundings. However, Pah-chin seems to be holding out hope that there is a deeper meaning to Mikey’s actions that are so cruel on the surface.

Haruchiyo’s explanation of Mikey’s past and what his impulses entail would have come in handy during this fight, but Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 makes no mention of the Akashi siblings. Takemichi is not shown either, and he is not included in the panel with other Toman members. Hopefully, the official translations will provide a better explanation.

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