Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 reveals the origin of Haruchiyo’s scars and the depth of Mikey’s darkness

Chapter 241 is mostly focused on the past (Image via Sportskeeda)
Chapter 241 is mostly focused on the past (Image via Sportskeeda)

Readers had eagerly waited for Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 to prove the spoilers wrong and present a different past of Mikey, Baji, Haruchiyo, and Senju. Unfortunately, the spoilers proved to be correct and the brutal secret behind Haruchiyo’s scars have come to light in this chapter.

Some fans are displeased with the slightly haphazard nature of the reveal, but others are connecting the dots between the new information and past incidents.

Senju’s guilt over a traumatic past is revealed in Tokyo Revengers chapter 241

#TOKYOREVENGERS240I love Senju and she’s already top 3 for me but is it just me or do these backstories all going back to Mikey starting to feel redundant and forced?

In chapter 240, Mitsuya overtook the position of advisor and designer from Chifuyu. Peh-Yan, Pah-Chin, and the Kawata twins joined Takemichi’s gang. Takemichi went on to recruit Senju, who has retired following the Battle of the Three Deities.

Upon Takeomi’s insistence, Senju reveals that Mikey, Baji, and Haruchiyo used to be childhood friends. Senju, who used to trail behind them, blames herself for Mikey’s dark impulses and Haruchiyo’s deflection.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 is titled “A Forced Smile.”

The Akashi family

#TokyoRevengers241 I'm against capital punishment but this man can die /hj

Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 starts with a flashback to when Senju was a 3rd grader. Senju explains that they were raised by a single father, who often left them at their grandmother’s house.

Takeomi took over the parental role, but since he was busy with the Black Dragons, he always held Haruchiyo responsible for Senju’s upbringing when they were children.

#TokyoRevengers241#TokyoRevengersWondering if Senju still uses 'ore' 'till this day

This was evidenced when Senju used the masculine “I(ore)” instead of the gender neutral “Watashi,” and Takeomi blamed Haruchiyo for not correcting her. Senju later apologized to Haruchiyo, but he remained angry at her for always getting blamed for things he didn’t do, and wished he could talk back to Takeomi like Baji or Mikey did.

The Airplane

Takeomi often used to go over to the Sano Household for gang meetings, bringing his siblings with him. On one such occasion, Mikey showed everyone his new Concorde Plastic Model, a toy airplane that took Shinichiro a month to painstakingly assemble. Mikey warned everyone not to play with it.

#TokyoRevengers241 So Senju was a child who said the most common child lie ever. Yet she thinks that this childish lie turned a perfectly normal healthy kid into a bloodthirsty beast. How would breaking a toy turn Mikey into that? She was just traumatized and didn't understand+

Later, Senju saw the airplane on a shelf and started to play with it. She stumbled and the airplane broke. Senju was about to apologize to Mikey when he saw it, but he asked her if she saw who broke it. Senju lied and said that it was Haruchiyo, without knowing the repercussions of this simple lie.

I don't talk much but Mikey fr needed a therapist since childhood, wtf chapter #TokyoRevengers241

Later, Senju was startled by a scream. Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 shows Baji trying to hold someone back When Senju came out of the house, she saw Baji, fallen on the ground, and Mikey with bloodied hands, standing over Haruchiyo, whose mouth was torn and bloody. Mikey coldly asked Haruchiyo to laugh, and he obeyed.

Takemichi’s resolve

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241!what a good chapter!we finally got to see Mikey's past and see how Haruchiyo got his scar...#TokyoRevengers241 #TokyoRevengers

Senju says that the Mikey during the Battle of the Three Deities is the same guy who gave Haruchiyo the scar. Senju calls herself a failure for causing distress to the people she cares about. Takemichi tells her that he has also failed to protect the people close to him, but they still have a chance to save Mikey.

Takemichi asks Senju to join his gang so that they could bring down Kantou Manji Gang, and she agrees this time. The narration in Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 states that Senju is the last member of the gang. There will be a meeting in the next chapter.

Final thoughts

#TR241 #TokyoRevengers241 i know kids overreact over broken toys, but mikey doesn't seem like the type to worry about material things. he broke his beloved motorcycle for his friend, that's why him hurting haru over the toy doesn't makes to sense to me

From what has been shown in Tokyo Revengers chapter 241, it seems unlikely that Senju’s lie caused Mikey’s impulse. Mikey has always been this way and no person bears any responsibility for it. However, Haruchiyo’s fate was completely undeserved and it puts more emphasis on his earlier claim of being an only child.

🚨Tokyo Revengers⚠️SPOILERS🚨 #TokyoRevengers241❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Why do I get the feeling that Haruchiyo is going to blame Senju to what happened to him when they were kids😞

Tokyo Revengers chapter 242 will feature the first meeting of Takemichi’s gang, their plans regarding Mikey as well as the new name and uniform for the gang will be revealed. The chapter comes out on Wednesday, February 16.

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