Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 spoilers reveal the darker side of Mikey’s childhood

Mikey's dark impulses during the Battle of the Three Deities (Image via Wendy M)
Mikey's dark impulses during the Battle of the Three Deities (Image via Wendy M)

The sudden release of Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 spoilers has fans speculating about what happened to Mikey when he was a child. Today, the Twitter user Mina @taiyakiboi released two raw scans of the chapter, suggesting that the manga has taken a darker turn.

The last chapter had hinted that Haruchiyo’s past would be revealed in this one, but no one expected such a brutal turn of events.

Warning: Major spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 ahead.

TR 241 SPOILERS (1) ⚠️Shinichiro and Takeomi!

Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 reveals the origin of Haruchiyo’s scars and Mikey’s impulses

In chapter 240, Takemichi had recruited Senju into his gang, but she had already retired and refused to join. After being prompted by Takeomi, Senju said she holds herself responsible for Haruchiyo’s current rogue status and Mikey’s “dark Impulses.”

Upon asking, she revealed to Takemichi that Mikey, Baji, and Haruchiyo used to be childhood friends and Senju, younger than them, chased after them.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 spoilers

TR 241 SPOILERS (2) ⚠️“There was Haruchiyo with his mouth torn, Keisuke who fell down, and Mikey with his hands stained with blood. Everyone has changed since that day. Mikey, Baji, and Haruchiyo. Everyone changed because of me.”Mikey: Laugh, Haruchiyo.Haru: Hihihi… AHAHAHA

From the two pages of raw scans and additional spoilers, it can be gathered that Mikey is responsible for Haruchiyo’s scars. Being a member of the Black Dragon, Takeomi often used to go over to the Sano household to talk to Shinichiro. On one such day, they were meeting inside the house, as seen from the first page.

Presumably, the younger siblings were outside with Baji. It is unclear what happened from the scans and the spoilers, but there was a dispute. Senju blames herself for it, saying that no one has been the same since that day and it was all her fault.

The second page shows Senju hiding behind a wall, both scared and horrified, and Baji on the ground, in a position that makes it seem like he had fallen and tried to get away from what was happening. Between them, Mikey is seen standing over Haruchiyo with bloodied hands.

one thing that's stops me from believing mikey is simply bad is because of this. he genuinely wanted takemichi to help him, otherwise the time leap wouldn't have worked. mikey may have these dark impulses but he truly desires to be saved from them

Haruchiyo has blood on his face, and his signature scars have been made on either side of his mouth. This indicated that his mouth might have been torn on both sides.

An additional panel showed the dark intent coming out of Mikey in tendrils of black smoke, the same way it did during the Battle of the Three Deities. A dialogue, also posted by Taiyakiboi, states that Mikey ordered Haruchiyo to laugh in a cold tone, and Haruchiyo laughed.


"Protecting the king is priority" then look at his expression. he's been emotionally traumatized, in a terrible way and that's why he turned to be the way he is, he's maybe doing what he does not because he want to, it's like it became his personality to be obeying mikey, just +

It is speculated in the spoilers that Mikey misunderstood an interaction between Senju and Haruchiyo, presumably a joke between siblings that Mikey took too seriously, and inflicted the wounds on Haruchiyo.

Some have theorized that Haruchiyo could have said or done something to Baji, and Mikey retaliated since he is well-known for being overprotective towards Baji.

In this light, Haruchiyo’s obsessive obedience to Mikey could be interpreted as deep-seated psychological trauma and conditioning. With Tokyo Revengers chapter 241, Mikey’s violent tendencies become less likely to have been caused by a trigger and more likely to be part of his innate nature. Even Draken had alluded to this being inherent to Mikey in one of the futures.

we should have known when he burned hakkai alive and strangled mitsuya for not obeying him but Takemichi’s pov really got us making excuses for him even when draken said it clearly that everyone’s lives improved once mikey left 😭…

A section of readers had long since insisted that Takemichi’s insistence on saving Mikey would lead to tragedy for everyone else. At some point, the question has to be asked if Mikey can be saved from something that has been a part of him all his life. Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 seems to solidify that Mikey never fell into darkness. He was likely born with it.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the official translation will give the fans a better picture. Tokyo Revengers chapter 241 will be released on Wednesday, February 9, February 8 for some regions, and available on ComiXology, INKR, Azuki, Kindle Unlimited, InkyPen, and Mangamo. Various free unofficial sites also have the complete Tokyo Revengers library, which they regularly update.

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