10 strongest fighters in Tokyo Revengers manga, from weakest to strongest

Draken bloody (Image via Liden Films)
Draken bloody (Image via Liden Films)

Tokyo Revengers is a Shonen that dives into the world of Japanese motorcycle gangs. This series features tons of strong battle junkies. The protagonist, Takemichi, isn't a physical powerhouse; his biggest strengths are his heart and the ability to time travel.

To prevent the deaths of his loved ones in the present, Takemichi has a lot to accomplish in the past.

There is no shortage of fights throughout this action-packed series. But if the protagonist isn't the one throwing punches, then who is?

The 10 strongest fighters in Tokyo Revengers, ranked

10) Baji Keisuke

One of the most interesting characters in Tokyo Revengers is Baji, the former captain of Toman's 1st Division. During the battle against Valhalla, he was stabbed by Kazutora. Even so, he defeated all 50 members of Kisaki’s group by himself before committing suicide to end the fight.

9) Angry (Kawata Souta)

Souta, also known as “Angry," is the twin brother of Toman's 4th Division captain. Although he is only a vice-captain, if Angry cries, he is even stronger than his brother. Smiley even stated that when Angry cries, he is "100 times stronger" than himself. In the battle with Tenjiku, Angry broke several bones.

In a mind-blowing turn of events, he began crying and thrashed the Tenjiku leaders despite his critical injuries.

8) Shiba Taiju

Taiju is the leader of the 10th Generation Black Dragons. He was regarded as the toughest gang leader in Tokyo Revengers because of his age and enormous build.

Even after being stabbed, Taiju single-handedly fought against his younger brother Hakkai, Takemichi, and Mitsuya.

Despite his monstrous strength, Taiju was put down with one kick when Mikey showed up to end the grueling brawl.

7) Hanma Shuji

Kisaki's right-hand man, Hanma, boasts an unusual constitution. He managed to withstand Draken's devastating strikes in multiple encounters throughout Tokyo Revengers.

Toman's Vice-Commander was so shocked by the durability of Kisaki's hitman that he compared him to a zombie.

Although he is not an elite knockout artist, Hanma withstood attacks from both Draken and Mikey without faltering.

6) Draken (Ryuguji Ken)

Draken (Image via Liden Films)
Draken (Image via Liden Films)

Ryuguji Ken is the second-in-command of the Tokyo Manji Gang and is a formidable character in Tokyo Revengers. Even after being struck in the head by a rod, he smashed around 20 members of the Moebius gang in the Bloody Halloween Arc.

Even when he faced Valhalla and the Black Dragons members, Draken managed to take out 12 members all by himself.

5) Haitani Brothers

The Haitani Brothers (Image via Liden Films)
The Haitani Brothers (Image via Liden Films)

The Haitani Brothers were first introduced during the Valhalla battle as appointed judges. The elder brother, Ran and his younger brother, Rindo, are both active members of the Rokuhara Tendai gang. Ran is the second-in-command of Rokuhara Tendai.

Touted as some of the strongest fighters in Tokyo Revengers, these brothers are capable of taking down an entire gang without any help.

4) Kurokawa Izana

The eighth-generation Black Dragon leader and Tenjiku leader, Izana, is among the few who have withstood Mikey’s special attack. He learned self-defense from Mikey’s grandfather and therefore shares some of the same skills as Mikey.

The Tokyo Revengers antagonist possesses extraordinarily sharp senses which allow him to read his opponents' moves. There are rumors that Izana could even beat Mikey in a fight. However, we will never know if that is true because Izana was killed by Kisaki.

3) South Terano

South Terano is the leader of the Rokuhara Tendai gang, one of the three deities of Japan. He a physique so gigantic that he even dwarfed Draken when the two stood face-to-face.

2) Kawaragi Senju

Kawaragi Senju is the gang leader of one of Tokyo Revengers' three deities, Brahman. Interestingly, Senju is the only female character in Tokyo Revengers who boasts top-tier strength.

She has superior mobility and athleticism, which pair well with her kicking style. Despite being a high school girl, Senju is considered one of the three Gods.

1) Mikey (Sano Manjirō)

The "Invincible" Mikey, is a well-deserved nickname for the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers. He is the leader of Toman in the past, and the leader of the Kanto Manji gang in the future. No matter how strong or large the opponent, Mikey has never lost a fight.

Mikey boasts a flashy fighting style based on his martial arts skills inherited from his grandfather. He throws devastating kicks at lightning speed that are powerful enough to bring even the toughest opponents to their knees.

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