Tokyo Revengers chapter 257: Kakucho makes the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone

Takemichi loses yet another friend (Image Credit: Ken Wakui/ Kodansha, Tokyo Revengers)
Takemichi loses yet another friend (Image Credit: Ken Wakui/ Kodansha, Tokyo Revengers)

Readers eagerly waited for Tokyo Revengers chapter 257 to elaborate upon Sanzu’s comment regarding the second time-leaper. However, the chapter went in a different direction when Kakucho was brought into focus.

For the last two chapters, Kakucho has been reminiscing about Izana and his importance in the former’s life. In Tokyo Revengers chapter 257, a hallucination of Izana spurs Kakucho towards a noble but fatal direction and causes Takemichi to lose yet another friend.

Disclaimer: This article contains scans and spoilers from Tokyo Revengers chapter 257

Tokyo Revengers chapter 257: Encouraged by a vision of Izana, Kakucho stops the train at the cost of his life

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In the last chapter, Sanzu wounded Kakucho with his katana and started the train. Takemichi and Kakucho both boarded the train, and while the former tried to stop the train, the latter fought with Sanzu, throwing him out of the train. However, Sanzu wondered if Takemichi was a time-leaper as well when the latter dodged a point-blank attack with the help of his visions.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 257 is titled “Tipping Point.”

Takemichi’s attempt

No pueden hacerme esto en el capítulo 257 de Tokyo Revengers:

Tokyo Revengers chapter 257 begins with Kakucho pointing out that considering the speed at which they are going, the train will topple at the upcoming junction and hit the row of metal storage units, propagating the same disaster that Takemichi witnessed in his vision. Despite his attempts, Takemichi is unable to locate the brakes and stop the train.

As Sanzu gloats from his position on the ground that it is too late to stop anything, Takemichi realizes that the wound Kakucho received from Sanzu’s katana is far deeper than it previously seemed. They manage to locate the brakes, and Kakucho urges Takemichi to get off the train, but the cry-baby hero decides to stay on it until he can save the others.

Kakucho’s sacrifice

Kakucho managed to stop the train and Takemichi cheered happily but his smile disappeared after he saw Kakucho's condition. The closing words of chapter 257 are “In order to save the lives of his friends, Kakucho takes his own life...”

The members of Toman and Kantou, including Chifuyu and Mitsuya, see the train coming, and a stampede ensues. Meanwhile, Kakucho realizes that Takemichi is always putting others before himself and, in an attempt to protect him, throws the latter off the train. At first, he seems unable to navigate the brakes, but he soon receives a vision of Izana.

Izana reminds him that being reckless is who Kakucho is and encourages him to do his best. With his dying breath, Kakucho manages to stop the train before it reaches the junction. While Sanzu stares in disbelief at his plans being thwarted, Takemichi whoops for joy as the crisis is successfully averted. However, as Takemichi reaches the compartment in elation, he realizes that Kakucho has passed away.

Final thoughts

Ik we all wanted Kakucho to live so bad but he probably wanted to die for so long. He was living a life he didn't wanted, still grieving the loss of his family and Izana. He wanted to die with him. I'm gonna miss him,he deserved a happy life, but in the end, he didn't wanted that

While most of the fandom was embroiled in arguments regarding the identity of the second time-leaper, Kakucho’s death seems to have come as a shock. While it has been a possibility ever since Sanzu attacked him with the katana, readers had hoped that Wakui would not kill any more characters in the ongoing arc.

Additionally, the premise of Kakucho’s death in Tokyo Revengers chapter 257, i.e., succumbing to a wound that did not seem fatal at first, is eerily similar to Baji’s death in the Valhalla arc.

Draken died when Senju was saved from her death in the vision. Kakucho died when he stopped from the rest dying from train crash in Michi's vision. I wonder what what awaits us next.

Izana’s appearance was an emotional touch that made this passing more melancholy. Earlier in the arc, Mikey had used Izana’s name to provoke Kakucho in a way that seemed downright cruel under the current circumstances. This also boosts the theory that at the most crucial moment during the fight, Mikey may see the vestiges of his dead comrades standing beside Takemichi.

l still believe that hanma is the other time leaper !!!

Tokyo Revengers chapter 257 did not give any more details about the second time-leaper. The debate on whether it might be Mikey or Hanma is still ongoing, but some people have also started to theorize that it might be Sanzu himself.

Hopefully, the next few chapters will shed more light on this. Additionally, the reactions of the S-62 Generation to Kakucho’s death will be interesting to see.

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