Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release window, cast change info leaked

Leaked info claims that Draken's role has been recast for Tokyo Revengers season 2 (Image Credits: Ken Wakui/Kodansha, Kodansha USA, Tokyo Revengers)
Leaked info claims that Draken's role has been recast for Tokyo Revengers season 2 (Image Credits: Ken Wakui/Kodansha, Kodansha USA, Tokyo Revengers)

Earlier today, several anime news accounts on Twitter began leaking information pertaining to Tokyo Revengers season 2. The first season of author Ken Wakui’s hit series was met with incredible praise and success from viewers and the general anime community at large.

Now, it seems that the adaptation team behind the anime series has finalized the release and cast info for Tokyo Revengers season 2 behind the scenes. While no official announcement has been made yet, several accounts are posting the same information regarding Tokyo Revengers season 2, lending some veracity to the claims.

Follow along as this article breaks down the latest leaks for Tokyo Revengers season 2.


Tokyo Revengers Season 2 seemingly has release window set with several leaker accounts corroborating same info

Release window and cast change info

‼️‼️Tokyo revenges return S2‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ 2023 January‼️‼️‼️‼️Masaya Fukunishi will replace Tatsuhisa Suzuki as the seiyuu of draken#東卍FA #TR258 #TokyoRevengersSpoilers #TokyoRevengers #anime #draken #Mikey

As mentioned above, several anime leaker accounts on Twitter have begun posting information relating to Tokyo Revengers season 2. Several different accounts have all shared the same expected release window for the series, as well as a change in cast for one of the series’ characters.

If these rumors are to be believed, then it seems that the second season of Ken Wakui’s hit manga series will be airing in January 2023. While these dates are of course subject to change, the fact that multiple separate leaker accounts have corroborated this release window makes it appear true, at least for the time being.

Along with the announcement of the release window came news of a cast change for the character of Ken "Draken" Ryuguji. It seems that Masaya Fukunishi will be replacing Tatsuhisa Suzuki as the voice of Draken, with Suzuki on hiatus from voice work due to poor health issues.

What to expect

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 “Christmas Showdown Arc” Key Visual‼️Studio: Liden FilmsBroadcast will be decided from January 2023 on MBS, TV Tokyo, AT-X, etc. *Please note that the delivery date and time are subject to change

The second season of Tokyo Revengers will be an adaptation of the Christmas Showdown arc (also called the Black Dragon arc), which focuses on the 10th generation Black Dragon gang. Many fan-favorite characters from the manga series, including the Shiba twins, Seishu Inui, and Hajime Kokonoi, will make their debuts during this arc.

The overall voice cast has not yet been revealed, but fans can look forward to the casting of Taiju and Yuzuha Shiba, two pivotal characters for the upcoming story arc. While the overall voice cast of season two has yet to be announced, two specific roles were revealed at the end of season one.

Seishu Inui will be voiced by Junya Enoki, and Hajime Kokonoi will be voiced by Natsuki Hanae. Both are best known for their lead roles in new-gen anime series, with Enoki voicing Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen, and Hanae voicing Tanjiro Kamado in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer.

While this information is subject to change and has yet to be officially announced, the leaked information feels legitimate considering the various sources backing it up. Additionally, leaked info such as the recasting of Draken falls in line with what other series have recently done with Suzuki’s roles.

Be sure to keep up with all Tokyo Revengers season 2 news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news, as 2022 progresses.

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