Tokyo Revengers: Twitter celebrates Izana's birthday with beautiful fanarts

Fans take to Twitter as they celebrate Izana
Fans take to Twitter as they celebrate Izana's birthday (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

Today, August 30, 2022, marks the birthday of Izana Kurokawa, an important character in the Tokyo Revengers series.

Kurokawa is Emma’s older brother, and while he initially seemed like a compassionate person, there came about a marked change in his demeanor once he started living alone. All his years of staying by himself turned him into a strong, ruthless delinquent.

To celebrate this character's birthday today, the Tokyo Revengers fanbase flooded Twitter with fanart illustrations of him. Here, we take a look at some of the illustrations and cosplay images that have surfaced on social media.

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Tokyo Revengers fans take to Twitter as they celebrate Izana Kurokawa’s birthday

Izana was Tenjiku's leader and founded the S-62 generation as well. Given that he also happens to be Sanjiro Mano’s adoptive brother, it is no surprise that a ton of fanart illustrations involved Izana and Mikey.

Pov: Mikey was told to hug Izana🍃 #東卍FA
#東卍FA happy birthday izana! 🤍

One particular fan (Twitter handle @mirshumanji) drew Izana and Mikey after the time skip. Fans absolutely adored this illustration, especially because they want Mikey to interact with Izana a lot more than what has been shown in the manga. The Tokyo Revengers fanbase seems to be unanimous on their opinion when it comes to the relationship that Mikey and Izana share.

made this as an excuse to draw more timeskip izana #東卍FA
@mirshumanji Ahhh I love this! They both look so good in this timeline 😍 Seeing this is making me wish we got to see Izana and Mikey’s interactions during this tl in the manga. I feel like what you drew is probably what it was like
@manjimelo 🥹🙏 we needed more interactions between them in this tl I think they got along really well ;; ty dear 💕

Some fans also uploaded pictures of themselves cosplaying this Tokyo Revengers character. The numerous cosplays from across conventions and photo shoots is a testament to Izana's popularity.

Kurokawa Izana happy birthday #黒川イザナ生誕祭2022 #黒川イザナ

Fans also uploaded some of their favorite moments from the manga series. Even though the character did not receive as much screen time as much as fans would have wanted, he certainly made an impact on the fanbase.

happy birthday to the best boy and the boy who deserves the world Izana Kurokawa! <3

A ton of posts on Twitter also included Kakucho. As a child, Kakucho didn't have much, since his parents died. When Izana encountered Kakucho, he appreciated his scar, and advised him not to care about the dead. He eventually went on to make Kakucho his servant.

Their relationship became more nuanced when they became good friends. They would constantly play together when they were kids and this bond only grew stronger as the series progressed.

Owing to this bond between the two, fans uploaded a few instances from the manga that features Izana and Kakucho spending time together. Some also drew fanart illustrations of the two characters.

La ilustración || Yo viéndola De Izana por su Cumpleaños
Kakucho after eating all of Izana's dumplings 😋#東卍FA
it's honestly insane how much i miss them

Izana's birthday celebrations are undercut by anticipation among fans for the upcoming chapter of the series.

The manga is in a crucial stage since Mikey has been taken over by his Dark Impulses and Takemichi is getting beaten up brutally. It is expected that the upcoming chapter will offer clarity about why Takemichi had a vision that was extremely late, since he wasn't able to dodge Mikey's attack.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2022 progresses.

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