Top 5 Dragon Ball Fusion fights, including Vegito vs. Fused Zamasu

Fused Zamasu as seen in the Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Fused Zamasu as seen in the Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Easily the most exciting part of the Dragon Ball franchise are the various forms, power-ups, and transformations. From Goku’s first Super Saiyan transformation to his awakening Mastered Ultra Instinct, Dragon Ball has a way of making these power-ups and moments feel special.

One transformation that has always felt particularly exciting is Fusion - the concept of two warriors combining into one, multiplying their power. The result, when done properly, are characters who top the Dragon Ball charts in terms of the strongest fighters and the best fights.

Here are the top five Dragon Ball Fusion fights, including Vegito versus Fused Zamasu, ranked in no particular order.

Vegito vs. Fused Zamasu, and four more of the best Dragon Ball Fusion fights

1) Gogeta vs. Janemba


Capitalizing on the hype of Vegito’s anime debut, the Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn movie offered an alternative Fused warrior for Goku and Vegeta. The result was the terrifying Gogeta, a serious, intense character with more than enough power to back his demeanor.

The fight between him and Janemba was short, but it got etched into the mind of every Dragon Ball fan, particularly the ending Stardust Breaker by Gogeta. While this marked Gogeta’s only anime appearance until the non-canon GT and now-canonized Super: Broly movie, it still lives on in fans’ hearts as one of the best fights, period.

2) Ultra Instinct Sign Goku vs. Kefla


Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc was filled with twists and turns, but possibly nothing was more unexpected than Ultra Instinct and Kale’s debut. Her appearance as the Legendary Super Saiyan of Universe 6 was only overshadowed by her and Caulifla fusing with Potara Earrings into the mighty Kefla.

The fight between her and an Ultra Instinct Sign Goku was intense, with both parties taking the bout deadly seriously. The two launched incredibly spectacular attacks at one another before Goku decided to finish her in arguably the coolest ending to a fight in the series. He grinded along her beam with his own Kamehameha, eventually getting within point-blank range and firing.

3) Vegito vs. Fused Zamasu


Also coming in Dragon Ball Super, Vegito versus Fused Zamasu was both a visually fantastic and emotionally intense fight. Both Saiyans were fighting for the deaths of their families, as well as the mistreatment of their new home planet, Earth.

The fight was incredibly intense, with Vegito going Super Saiyan Blue from the start. All the classic attacks from his Z appearance were back in stunning, modern-day animation. He also debuted new attacks resulting from his attainment of Super Saiyan Blue, making for one of the coolest new-age throwback fights in the franchise.

4) Vegito vs. Super Buu


The original Fusion battle, Vegito versus Super Buu, is still an incredibly intense and entertaining fight to experience. Both Goku and Vegeta quite literally had nothing to lose at that point, and their actions as Vegito backed this. They didn't let up on him at all, pummeling him in the first half of the fight.

While Super Buu eventually came back and won the fight, it is still one of the best fights in Z, Fusion-based or otherwise. The shock and awe of Vegito’s debut, combined with the use moves of both fighters, made for a moment which sticks in the minds of Z fans to this day.

5) Gogeta vs. Broly


Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s fight featuring Gogeta versus the eponymous character was just incredible to watch. The new animation style used for the movie further heightened the experience, providing a fresh look at an old concept. The choreography of the fight was also amazing, with the two even breaking reality at various points.

It got even more intense when Gogeta turned Super Saiyan Blue, getting fans everywhere off their seats. The fight ended shortly thereafter, but in no less spectacular fashion than the rest of it; the new-age Gogeta provided a fantastic callback for fans, ending Broly with his final move, a reinvented Stardust Breaker.

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