Top 5 strongest demons in Demon Slayer

Spider Demon (Mother) (Image via
Spider Demon (Mother) (Image via
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All Demon Slayer fans agree that every demon in the show had powers unique to them. While one demon could teleport, the other used logical strategies to win against the demon slayers. While spells and tricks are great for confusing an enemy, it’s almost entirely useless when going up against demons. When facing off against other demons, emphasis should be on physical strength.


Since physical strength is the major focus, then the strengths of the demons must be taken into account. Here are the top five strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer’s top 5 strongest demons

5) The Swamp Demon

Coming in at number five is the Swamp Demon. He was introduced to Demon Slayer as a low-ranking demon. The same demon was responsible for the abduction and murder of young girls in a small village.

11- pedo swamp demon has been killing young girls and pays the price

He’s unquestionably a skilled fighter. A fact that is evident in his fight with Nezuko and Tanjiro. It’s safe to assume that most ordinary demon slayers would have been killed by him.

4) The Hand Demon

As seen in the Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie, this demon is a formidable foe. He displayed incredible strength and pain endurance. He even boasts of killing several demon slayer trainees to Tanjiro during their fight. He also killed 13 of Sakonji Urodaki’s students.


The Hand Demon has one of the highest confirmed kill counts in Demon Slayer. This is rather impressive despite him only being a minor antagonist.

3) Susamaru

Susamaru is the only female antagonist in Demon Slayer thus far. Susamaru is incredibly strong, fast, and has incredible nimbleness. Needless to say, watching her in action is mesmerizing.


During the first season of Demon Slayer, she engages in battle with Nezuko and Tanjiro. Her Temari balls were strong enough to sever Nezuko’s leg. Despite Nezuko’s quick thinking, she was still unable to defeat Susamaru. Susamaru and Yahaba combined to put up a tough fight for the three demons and the demon slayer.

2) Rui

After seeing Demon Slayer episode 19, it’s no surprise to see Rui at the top of this list. Rui is Muzan’s favorite Lower Rank 5 demon. Muzan gave Rui an excessive amount of blood which made him exceptionally strong.

Rui was responsible for killing and capturing 20 new demon slayer recruits. Not only that, but his surplus of Muzan’s blood granted him the ability to create demons. This ability allowed him to create a spider family. Thanks to their creation, fans have been graced with one of the best fight scenes in Demon Slayer to date.

1) Muzan

Of course, Demon Slayer’s main antagonist has to top this list. Muzan is the father and creator of all demons in the Demon Slayer universe. He has an interesting ability to communicate telepathically with demons. This means that distance did not matter. He can still control them from wherever he is.

Muzan is one scary fella 😱

He even put a failsafe into each of the demons. If they say one single word about him, they will instantly die. Most if not all of the demons in Demon Slayer are afraid of Muzan. This is mainly because he does not hesitate to kill demons for his own enjoyment.

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