Twitter has it out for Ken Wakui over bad writing after Tokyo Revengers chapter 241

Wakui's explanation of Mikey's darkness needs to appease fans (Image via LIDENFILMS)
Wakui's explanation of Mikey's darkness needs to appease fans (Image via LIDENFILMS)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241 has caused fans to take to Twitter to express their anger at Ken Wakui for inconsistent writing. While a few readers believe in the mangaka, most readers believe the story has taken an absurd turn, especially after the latest development regarding Senju’s flashback and Mikey’s past.

Twitter erupts in anger over Ken Wakui butchering Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241

tokyo revengers actually ended here

Tokyo Revengers had garnered a lot of bad press ever since Ken Wakui started the Bonten Arc. Many considered the Tenjiku Arc to be the perfect ending of the manga, and speculated if he was continuing the manga under the pressure of Kodansha.

However, there were many who defended the mangaka and the plot developments of the Bonten Arc.

Tokyo revengers anime only fans have got a couple years of good content left I’m jealous. Manga readers are suffering rn chapter 241 might be the worst thing I’ve read in my life
Bro I used to defend the Tokyo Revengers Final arc cause I found it to just be the case of most people catching up and the pacing of waiting weekly for chapters but bro it ain’t even pacing at thisWakui is just extending stuff and making really bad decisions

At the time of writing, Tokyo Revengers, Mikey, and Senju are all trending on Twitter, but none of them with positive reviews. In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241, it is shown that Mikey tears open Haruchiyo’s mouth over a broken toy when they were children. The flashback was underwhelming for most readers, and most interpreted it as Mikey’s “Dark Impulse” originating from that incident.

No more Tokyo revengers, wakui cannot write…
i just want to know what went trough ken wakui’s head when writing tokyo revengers and thought “yeah this gon be a good choice”

It can be said that Senju’s memory of the event is sketchy and Mikey’s impulses had always been within him. Not all tendencies and habits have a concrete reason, human psychology does not work that way. What angered fans is that Wakui has always projected Mikey’s impulse as something that can be cured by Takemichi “saving” him, without ever clarifying what that entails.

Kinda dissapointed on how people just speculate tokyo revengers current plot badly. Like we haven't even gotten the actual reasons because Wakui is just building up parts to parts. Your judging an uncompleted storyline without even thinking on the written perspectives.
TOKYO REVENGERS CH 241!!-guys listen no way in hell did wakui make an airplane the reason mikey went ballistic on sanzu ! there has to be something there. senju doesnt fully remember what happened either so it’s most likely something else there yaknow something deeper who knows

It is debatable whether his breakdown over the toy airplane is the reason for Mikey’s violent tendencies. In keeping with the manga, it seems to be just the expression of Mikey’s darker nature, not the origin or cause.

It is only the first time Senju witnesses it, so the numerous fans outraging over it seem to be a little mistaken.

Really, the model plane?I get it, Mikey was always broken, the plane is just the catalyst that set him off. The way it was written in #TokyoRevengers241 was really dumbLet down of a flashbackIt really feels like Wakui is crumbling under the pressure#TokyoRevengers#manga
WTF is this shit Mikey became a monster because of a stupid plane to, I lost all hope in tokyo revengers after this.I can't believe this what's wrong with Ken Wakui why just why this is hopless 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Many fans have taken to stating that Wakui should have ended the manga after Kisaki’s death. Truly, the Bonten arc has been the most controversial arc of all time. Tokyo Revengers has always neglected to close all the plot-holes or provide proper information regarding its world-building.

why would wakui continue tokyo revengers after kisaki died???
Tokyo Revengers chapter 241At this point, wakui is just writing whatever. I feel like he’s gotten so lazy with this manga. From the details of the art style to the context itself.
the think about tokyo revengers is wakui inconsistent writing, sometimes few things do not add up. there are stuff that are left unexplained, as a result it makes him butcher his own characters.

!!! #TokyoRevengers Chapter 241 SPOILERS !!!..Everyone :"we want a Sanzu backstory!"Ken Wakui :"fine but I'm making it traumatizing 😚✌🏻"
*Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241*You telling me this nigga Mikey got his dark impulses and ripped a kids mouth open because a little girl lied saying he broke his toy airplane? LMAOO WTF IS THAT?! Cant tell if it’s shitty writing or that Mikey just needs counseling💀

Either way, Wakui will need to provide the readers with not only adequate reasoning behind his creative choices but also a proper resolution to Mikey’s nature, which looks to be a deep-seated psychological issue.

If he were to resolve that with just emotional support and pep-talk, and not proper professional help, then he would send a wrong message to his readers. It is evident from the fandom's reaction to Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241 that they will not take the drastic turn of the manga lightly.

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