Twitter loses it over edits of Anya from Spy X Family invading other manga

Anya is at the center of attention (Image via Muse Asia)
Anya is at the center of attention (Image via Muse Asia)

Twitter has recently started editing popular characters into other manga and anime, and Anya from Spy X Family is the new star of this trend. Lately, fans have been gushing over the edits and artworks of Anya appearing in every famous manga, particularly Battle Shonen.

Anya became the most beloved character in Spy X Family as soon as she was introduced in both the manga and the anime. Not just the viewers, she has also become a favorite of artists everywhere. While there have been several fanarts made of her, she has also appeared in various crossover artworks with her parents.

Anya from Spy X Family charms Twitter by appearing in the edits of popular battle-shonen manga

The trend is essentially of taking Anya’s funniest poses and expressions from Spy X Family manga and editing her in the middle of some intense scenes in other popular manga panels. The caption is usually “This manga panel goes hard.”

I think Anya can make Demon Slayer better. #SPY_FAMILY

In most cases, Anya is seen squaring off against one of the strongest characters of that particular series. While the four favourites seem to be One Piece, My Hero Academia, Naruto, and Tokyo Revengers, most battle-shonen manga have had at least one Anya-edit by now.

This manga panel goes hard asf

One Piece has seen quite a few Anya-edits, mostly alongside Luffy and a few with Zoro. Anya has blended seamlessly with the Straw Hat Crew and has even been edited in place of many of Luffy’s known adversaries. One particular edit places her with Luffy and Ace.

The edits range from flawless to intentionally botched, and fans of both fandoms seem to be having a good laugh.

What is this manga panel? 💀💀
This manga panel goes hard asf 🔥Manga : Spy x Family x One Piece

My Hero Academia is not far behind, and here the target character seems to be Bakugou. Bakugou is as prickly in nature as Anya is sweet, but both of them are beloved and equally goofy. Anya’s iconic meme-face from Spy X Family appearing opposite “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight” provides for a hilarious contrast.

This Anya and Bakugou moment was the most tense scene in the whole series
Anya vs Bakugou, a true spectacle over peanuts.

In Contrast, the Tokyo Revengers manga is going through a dark time right now, and fans seem to have latched onto this trend in order to seek some wholesome fun. The theme here is editing Anya in a critical scene, and claiming that if Anya was there, she would have saved the day.

The Spy X Family fandom seems to be sympathetic towards Tokyo Revengers fans, likely due to the darker turn their own manga recently took.

Anime Twitter going crazy with these Anya manga panel edits 😂💀

Of course, the Naruto fandom has its own Anya-edits. From editing this Spy X Family character above Konoha to placing her with Naruto and Sasuke during the final battle, no panel has been left untouched. Other bigshots like Demon Slayer, Fairy Tail, and Black Clover are not far behind.

This manga panel goes hard asf This world shall know Anya's pain...#SPYxFamily × #NARUTO #manga
Anya has arrived at Fairy Tail 😬

Yuji and Anya have appeared in several fanarts before due to both having pink hair and a generally sunny disposition. However, Anya’s appearance in Jujutsu Kaisen is mostly in confrontation scenarios, with one specific instance marking her as a Special Grade Sorcerer.

This manga panel goes hard af. 🔥

One edit has Anya in the midst of a crossover art combining two of the most acclaimed scenes from Chainsaw Man and Attack on Titan. Some older fandoms like Dragon Ball, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, and Fullmetal Alchemist have also joined the fray.

this manga panel hard af
This manga panel goes hard af
Anya eating with her two big brothers

Someone said Yuji would b a great big bro to Anya and I can’t unsee it now😭

This trend has not brought multiple fandoms together for a bit of harmless fun, but has also revealed the shared fanbase that Spy X Family, a new and atypical Shonen-action series, has in common with the iconic and big players in the shonen-battle genre. Of course, there are always crossover fanarts to prove it, but the edits have done their part in furthering crossover storylines as well.

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