Vinland Saga chapter 200: Release date, what to expect, and more

Thorfinn and Einar will find themselves traversing a forest yet again, this time to prevent an untimely death (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Thorfinn and Einar will find themselves traversing a forest yet again, this time to prevent an untimely death (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Vinland Saga chapter 200 is set to release on Saturday, February 25, 2023. With Hild seemingly bent on finishing off Ivar and his group, fans are anticipating the traps she laid for them in the previous issue to fully ensnare them and bring them closer to death.

Unfortunately, there is no verifiable spoiler information for Vinland Saga chapter 200 at the time of this article’s writing. While there are some alleged spoilers available online, they have not been confirmed en masse by the leaker community for the series, making them dubious at best.

Thankfully, fans at least have verified official release information for the upcoming issue. Follow along as this article fully breaks down all currently available release information for Vinland Saga chapter 200, as well as speculates on what to expect from the episode.

Vinland Saga chapter 200 likely to see Hild make her move to kill Ivar and his group following their falling for her traps

Release date and time, and where to watch

Vinland Saga chapter 200 is set to be released at 12 am JST on Saturday, February 25, 2023. For the vast majority of international fans, this translates to a Friday morning local release window. A minority of international fans, like Japanese viewers, will instead see the episode become available on Monday night. The exact time of release, however, is unknown due to no international digital release being available.

Likewise, there is currently no legal way for international fans to read the upcoming issue. While Kodansha’s official website does have eBook versions of the series for sale, they are compilation volumes rather than individual chapters. For international fans, the best option is to buy the upcoming volumes for the series, which should comprise chapter 200 as well.

Thus, the only way to officially read the upcoming issue alone is via Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon manga publication, where Vinland Saga chapter 200 will be serialized. While many independent manga websites regularly publish unofficial translations of individual chapters, these are typically considered illegal releases from unofficial sources.

Vinland Saga Chapter 199 recap


Chapter 199 of the manga saw most of the men taking part in the construction of the outer wall of Arnheid village, while Thorfinn and Einar worked on the farms and questioned Ivar’s motives. Einar also asks Thorfinn what he’ll do if a war with the Lnu breaks out, specifically if he’ll run from Arnheid to leave for somewhere else. Einar emphasizes that he loves the place and doesn’t want to leave it behind.

Thorfinn says there can’t be a war, confidently adding that he’ll do whatever he can to ensure this. He adds that he’ll find a compromise everyone can agree on, via negotiations with the Miskwekepu’j people to stay on the village’s land. A young boy nearby added that Hild said the same thing as Thorfinn, peaking the latter's and Einar’s curiosity. The duo asked the boy to explain what he meant.

The young boy stated how Hild promised to “defeat the cause of war,” adding that Hild is too smart and strong for the war to be a threat to her. Meanwhile, Ivar and his group scour the Western part of the nearby forest in a reclamation effort. However, the group suddenly began stepping on Hild’s traps, realizing that she didn’t set those for animals but for men, specifically them.

What to expect (speculative) from the next chapter of Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga chapter 200 will most likely see Hild make her final move on the lives of Ivar and his group, effectively eliminating them in what appears to be an act of greater good. However, Thorfinn understandably feels differently, knowing from his wartime experience that the best way forward with the Miskwekepu’j people is negotiation.

Vinland Saga chapter 200 will also likely see Thorfinn confirm how he feels this is the best way to deal with Ivar’s group as well. Fans widely believe that both Thorfinn and Hild realize that Ivar is the true cause and threat of war to their group, with Thorfinn still reflecting on how best to approach the situation while Hild springs into action.

With Einar and Thorfinn knowing Hild’s target and where Ivar is, the upcoming issue will likely start the pair’s race against the clock as they try to intercept Hild. Meanwhile, the latter might close in on Ivar, possibly expanding on her personal motivations for killing him before preparing to do so in the issue’s closing scenes.

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