What to expect in Spy x Family Part 2

What can fans expect in Part 2 of Spy x Family (Image via CloverWorks/Wit Studio)
What can fans expect in Part 2 of Spy x Family (Image via CloverWorks/Wit Studio)

Spy x Family is among the best manga series whose popularity had soared when the anime adaptation was introduced. Well-written characters and the way the plot has been set up make this an interesting show to watch. So far, 12 episodes have been released and they showcased each of the character’s relationship with the other, which is the highlight of the show. While there is an underlying plot involving Twilight being placed on a long-term mission named Operation Strix, the show emphasizes a lot more on the relationships that he develops in the process.

It is of no surprise that fans are already eagerly waiting for part 2 of the series, which will be resuming in October. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from a few manga chapters that fans can expect in the second part of Spy x Family.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the Spy x Family manga.

Spy x Family: What can fans expect in the second part of the series?

Doggy Crisis arc

This is a fun little arc that lays emphasis on the delicate political situation involving Ostania and Westalis. The main antagonist of this short arc will be Keith Kepler, who is a student at the Berlint University. Kepler leads a group of right-wing students that believe in Ostania’s supremacy when compared to Westalis.

Foreign Minister Brandt, who is currently present in Ostania, is the group’s target. The student group attempts to kill the Foreign Minister in an attempt to fuel the flames of war in the hopes of witnessing Ostania invade Westalis.

Keith Kepler the antagonist of Doggy Crisis arc (Image via Wit Studio/CloverWorks)
Keith Kepler the antagonist of Doggy Crisis arc (Image via Wit Studio/CloverWorks)

Ostania had a secret operation that involved training dogs, and Keith Kepler utilizes these dogs for his mission. However, one such dog has the ability to foresee the future and comes in contact with Anya at one point.

Anya is able to read its mind and realizes that Loid’s life is in danger. This arc explores the perilous journey Anya embarks on to save her father. Meanwhile, Yor also takes down some of these right-wing students who attempt to kill Anya for getting in the way as well.

The mission is successful and none of the Forger family members is aware of the other person’s efforts in this mission. Anya’s circumstantial friendship with the dog is explored, who is later adopted into the Forger house. Anya names the dog Bond, after her favorite show Bondman.

Introduction of Fiona Frost

Spy x Family fans will certainly enjoy the introduction of a new character called Fiona Frost. She is a WISE agent and is assigned the role of Twilight’s partner on his missions. However, her personal feelings for Loid often get in the way of the cover he is trying to maintain to the rest of the world.

Fiona Frost is extremely confrontational and tries to belittle Yor, who is oblivious to her attempts. Yor in fact maintains a friendly outlook towards her and ends up beating her in a few physical competitions. One such incident is the tennis match that takes place between Yor and Fiona.

Yor's serve breaks Fiona's racket (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha)
Yor's serve breaks Fiona's racket (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha)

Yor’s monstrous strength isn’t unknown to Spy x Family fans. She manages to destroy the ball when she served. During her second attempt, however, she nearly injures Fiona because of the sheer speed of the serve.

Fiona admits defeat and holds back her tears as she accepts her fate. Such interactions are especially funny when Anya reads Fiona’s mind. The child reacting to death threats being directed towards Yor gives rise to a few hilarious moments.

These are some of the things fans can look forward to in the second part of Spy x Family