What does My Hero Academia’s Hagakure (the invisible girl) look like?

Her facial features are almost always unidentifiable
Her facial features are almost always unidentifiable (Image via Bones)

One of the most common questions that My Hero Academia fans ask is, "what does the invisible girl look like?" That invisible girl is Toru Hagakure, and her Quirk revolves around the fact that she's invisible. Her face and hair are almost never seen in the series due to that ability, but the official manga had revealed her appearance a few times.

The first instance was in Chapter 337, but that wasn't the only time it happened. Another notable reveal occurred in Chapter 368. This article will focus on those specific manga appearances. Do note that her visible design hadn't been unveiled in the anime by the time this article was written.

Not to mention, the upcoming Season 6 is expected to only go up to Chapter 306, so it will be a while until anime fans see her face anyhow.

Note: There will be some minor spoilers.

The invisible girl becomes visible: Design for My Hero Academia's Toru Hagakure

The first glimpse at Toru Hagakure's face was in Chapter 337. Here is a basic summary of what led up to this panel. Yuga Aoyama goes into his backstory about how he was Quirkless and betrayed U.A. due to his connection with All For One. He briefly argues with Deku before he fires a Navel Laser.

Toru Hagakure reveals that her body can manipulate light. She's still an invisible girl for the most part, but there is a small fraction of her face that's visible for My Hero Academia fans to see.

However, the color page of Chapter 368 reveals her design far more than this panel did.

Controversial Chapter 368 reveal

Her official design from Chapter 368 of the official My Hero Academia manga (Image via Weekly Shōnen Jump)
Her official design from Chapter 368 of the official My Hero Academia manga (Image via Weekly Shōnen Jump)

The above image is only a portion of the full-color page. The full photo shows that she's wearing nothing but gloves and shoes. There are a few "KEEP OUT" tapes covering her body, but it doesn't do much to stop the photo from seeming too risque.

Unsurprisingly, many My Hero Academia fans were not thrilled to see the invisible girl fully exposed in such a questionable way. Still, her face and hairstyle are visible for people to see, both of which closely resemble her first reveal back in Chapter 337.

This time, Toru Hagakure is just making a blank expression rather than a crying one.

How does the invisible girl's Quirk work?

Her Quirk puts her in awkward spots (Image via Bones)
Her Quirk puts her in awkward spots (Image via Bones)

An invisibility Quirk is an interesting ability to discuss in My Hero Academia. It's a mutant Quirk that makes the user impossible to see. However, that only works on their body. Any clothes they're wearing will still be visible. The series even makes a few jokes where she removes some of them in order to be more invisible.

One noteworthy aspect of this Quirk is that it gives her some control over light attacks. Unfortunately, the full capabilities of such power aren't fully explored due to her status as a minor hero. Such potential is only seen whenever she teams up with Yuga Aoyama.

Hagakure is a character that many My Hero Academia fans wished to see visible. Hopefully, they're satisfied with the answer shown here.

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