Where to start One Piece manga and anime after Netflix's live-action? Explained 

Netflix One Piece Live-action (Image via Netflix)
Netflix One Piece Live-action (Image via Netflix)

The long-awaited live-action version of One Piece has now debuted on Netflix. The series, co-created by Shueisha, Tomorrow Studios, and Netflix, launched on August 31, 2023, and has received praise from both viewers and critics.

The conclusion of the first season has rekindled the desire for high-seas adventures and the camaraderie of the cherished Straw Hat crew. Formal confirmation of a second season is still pending. Still, beginners eager to continue their adventure in the One Piece universe may now delve into the manga and anime once the live-action series has concluded.

Disclaimer: This contains spoilers for One Piece.

Where does the story pick up in the One Piece manga and anime after Netflix's live-action series?

One Piece's world-building and plot are pretty expansive. A few episodes cannot adequately adapt the entire series. This is why, even though Netflix does a fantastic job of translating the majority of the East Blue Saga in just eight episodes, viewers do lose out on a few beautiful moments.

It's preferable to start the anime with the first episode, whether or not one has seen the live-action version. Both the story and the pace are very different.

Even while the live-action is fantastic as is, One Piece's original narrative is rich and far more expressive in terms of character growth, backstories, emotions, and a whole lot more. Fans can skip forward to Episode 45 if they don't want to start at the beginning.

The East Blue Saga's first five arcs are covered in One Piece live-action. However, the Loguetown arc, which wraps up the first saga of this epic tale, is not.

The marine vice admiral, Smoker the White Hunter, could be seen in the live-action series' credits scene. He made it his goal to catch Luffy and his crew when he was initially revealed as a captain in Loguetown.

The episode when the Straw Hats visit the location of Gol D. Roger's birth and execution marks the start of the Loguetown arc. This place is referred to as "the town of the beginning and the end."

The arc's first chapter in the manga is Chapter 96, which is where fans can start reading.

What can we expect from season 2 of the live-action adaptation?

The release of season 2 of the show has not yet been verified, but given the success the live version has attained since its premiere, it can be said that the show will be renewed.

Before the Straw Hat pirates can reach the Grand Line, Luffy, and his crew may be seen stocking up on supplies in Loguetown during season 2 of the series.

In Loguetown, the crew will encounter some old adversaries like Alvida and Buggy, as well as make new ones like Smoker and Tashigi.

Since the creators of the Netflix series have already begun to tease Baroque Works in season one, a second season will probably focus on the second One Piece story, the Arabasta arc.

Crocodile, a pirate who heads Baroque Works, has been given the task of destabilizing and annexing the kingdom of Alabasta. In the manga, the Straw Hat Pirates discover the group after crossing the Grand Line and resolve to save Alabasta.

Since Crocodile is also one of the seven warlords of the sea, a gang of formidable pirates employed by the Marines to oversee their fellow pirates, this becomes challenging.

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