Why Koby's capture in One Piece Chapter 1059 hints at the identity of another SWORD member

While some fans are teary-eyed over Koby
While some fans are teary-eyed over Koby's capture, it likely opens the door to an exciting plotline (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers were released on Monday afternoon, bringing with them some significant information regarding the status of certain characters. Also included in the issue were updated bounties, as well as some welcome cameos from characters fans haven’t seen in quite a while.

While One Piece Chapter 1059 was severely lacking in a continuation of last issue’s events, it has introduced a new long-term plot point involving other World Government members. With Koby’s capture by the Blackbeard Pirates, the door may be open for the introduction of another member of the top-secret SWORD group.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down why One Piece Chapter 1059’s reported story content may continue to push forward a backburner storyline.

Blackbeard capturing Koby in One Piece Chapter 1059 opens door for reveal of Aokiji as member of SWORD

Why Aokiji is secretly a SWORD member

One of the most confusing aspects in which the series’ world had changed post-time-skip was Aokiji’s resignation from the Marines and joining the Blackbeard Pirates. Even with One Piece Chapter 1059 on the horizon, his choice to join the Yonko is one of the most baffling facts of the post-time-skip series.

However, like many plot points in the series, it seems this may have been intended to be an incredibly slow-burning story, which may finally be set to light its fuse in earnest. With the alleged capture of Marine Captain Koby in One Piece Chapter 1059 per initial spoilers, the purpose for Aokiji’s having joined Blackbeard so long ago is clear.

One of the most subtly discussed groups of post-time-skip One Piece is the SWORD organization. Officially known as the Marine Headquarters Special Secret Force, the SWORD organization’s overall mission and goals are still currently unknown. Furthermore, while the group seems to be led by X Drake, this has yet to be fully and inarguably confirmed.

Part of their operations seem to involve undercover missions to monitor the activity of the Yonko, with X Drake having joined Kaido’s Beast Pirates crew for this reason. They’re also shown to have code words to verify secure channels, further suggesting subterfuge-like tactics, goals, and operations.

They’re also shown to not be informed of Cipher Pol’s operations and their covert activities, with both Koby and Drake expressing shock at the latter’s seeing CP0 in Wano.

Thus, it’s clear that the SWORD group is a covert organization looking to keep a tight lid on their activities. Additionally, the group seems to be small, and its leader is not fully known as of this article’s writing, let alone who else its members are.

The three currently known members of the group are X Drake, Koby, and Helmeppo. While Koby and Helmeppo were once trained by Garp, X Drake has had no revealed connections to the Vice Admiral in the story as of this article’s writing.

That being said, he has expressed a desire to enact his own justice rather than the justice the Marines order him to enact.

This is a common desire amongst SWORD's known members, with each having expressed a different sense of justice than that of the Marines and World Government at one point. Other characters to have also done this are Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, as well as former Admiral Aokiji.

Thus, the purpose for Koby’s capture becomes quite apparent. SWORD, the Marine organization with enigmatic goals that partakes in covert, undercover operations, is likely headed by Garp, with Aokiji as his right-hand man.

Garp, correctly pegging Blackbeard as the greatest threat to the world at large, had Aokiji infiltrate the group as X Drake did with Kaido’s crew.

Aokiji expressed a sentiment in line with the values of other known SWORD members during Punk Hazard, when meeting with old friend Smoker.

He essentially says here that the two have their own versions of justice, and that he’s simply trying to enact his, implying his joining the Blackbeard Pirates as a necessary step to achieve that goal.

Many fans already theorize that Garp is indeed the leader of SWORD, and will eventually lead them in a revolt against the Marines, which may be out of an effort to reform the military group.

With Aokiji already having an established relationship with Garp, it gives Oda a pre-established means of explaining why they’re close enough to work together.

This would then lead to Koby being freed from the Blackbeard Pirates, legitimizing his capture as allegedly seen in One Piece Chapter 1059 while also pushing the story forward. If this is indeed Oda’s plan given the latest One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers, fans certainly have an exciting immediate future for the series ahead.

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