Will Chopper be in One Piece Live-Action season 2? Explained

Will Chopper be in One Piece Live Action season 2? Explained(Image via Toei Animation)
Will Chopper be in One Piece Live-Action season 2? Explained(Image via Toei Animation)

As the world gears up for One Piece live-action season 2’s hopefully soon-to-come release, many first-time fans and franchise devotees alike have several key questions about the season. Several of these stem from practices and choices from the first season which fans would like to see changed. Meanwhile, others have more to do with the source material and what will or won’t be included.

Likewise, this has bled into questions on specific characters, islands, events, and actions that will be part of One Piece live-action season 2’s source material. Fans are specifically asking whether these certain aspects of the source material will be included or cut from the second season, despite that information not being readily available.

However, one of these questions that can be definitively answered even with a lack of information regarding One Piece live-action season 2 has to do with Tony-Tony Chopper. More specifically, fans are asking whether or not the Straw Hat doctor will appear in the second season, and what he’ll look like if he does end up being included in Netflix’s production.

One Piece live-action season 2 all but guaranteed to include Chopper, with exactly how being a mystery

As mentioned above, Tony-Tony Chopper’s inclusion in One Piece live-action season 2 is a major point of curiosity and intrigue for long-time franchise fans and new ones. This is especially true following recent teases of Chopper’s appearance in the series. creator, author, and illustrator Eiichiro Oda.

When the second season was first announced, Oda shared the news with a sketch of Chopper as he appeared in the original anime and manga. More recently, with the release of volume 107, Oda teased Chopper appearing in the coming season with a more realistic look to his character.

Both teases have likewise fueled speculation as to whether or not Chopper will appear in One Piece live-action season 2 given the apparent difficulties in adapting him. However, fans can rest assured that Chopper will most definitely be a present and integral piece of the coming second season of the series.

What’s more difficult to assess is exactly how he will appear in the series, especially given his unique character design and physiology. While both practical and CGI effects each have their own merits, a blend of both is likely given Chopper’s abilities in the series. If one is exclusively chosen over the other, however, CGI is likely to win out in that scenario.

A key part of this stems from the way Chopper’s Devil Fruit abilities will need to be introduced in One Piece live-action season 2. With the character set to constantly utilize his different Devil Fruit forms to establish his powers, practical effects already pose an issue in the form of the mid-transformation process.

Likewise, CGI alleviates these concerns by offering a smoother transition between the forms that can be shown on screen. Establishing Chopper’s inclusion as being CGI-based also alleviates issues that would arise further down the line, including a very specific form longtime franchise fans are quite familiar with.

Final thoughts

Tony Tony Chopper is one of the key characters in One Piece and an essential part of the Straw Hats. He performs his duties as the doctor on deck with sincerity and never backs down from helping anyone. His introduction to the One Piece live-action season 2 is inevitable if the creators want to keep the story on track.

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