Will Naruto get a new power after losing Kurama? The loss of a lifetime

Will the Seventh Hokage receive a new set of powers in the future? (Image via Pierrot)
Will the Seventh Hokage receive a new set of powers in the future? (Image via Pierrot)

Naruto is one of the most popular shonen anime and manga series loved by fans worldwide. The protagonist is the kind of character that has touched many fans' lives since he was a role model to those who grew up watching him.

Even though time has passed, fans cannot come to terms with the fact that Kurama is dead. Despite all the struggles he faced due to the Nine Tail, he managed to befriend him and borrow his strength in the toughest of situations. Due to Kurama and Naruto’s joint efforts, it saved Konohagakure several times.

Since the time he used Baryon Mode, fans have been wondering if the protagonist will ever improve power levels which would make him just as strong as he was in his former days.

Will Naruto ever become as powerful as when Kurama was alive?

There is no doubt that Kurama's death was one of the saddest moments that Naruto fans had to deal with. Some, if not most, of the community would like to see the Seventh Hokage receive a power-up. That being said, it is highly unlikely for this to take place since the current show is not about Naruto anymore.

The show is about his son, Boruto and the path he creates during his life. This show is about the efforts and steps he takes towards achieving his goals. Therefore, it would be quite unlikely for the Seventh Hokage to be in the spotlight again. It was quite possible that the author needed to find a way to reduce his power levels to a point where others could outdo him in combat.


That being said, Baryon Mode was so strong that it could make quick work of Isshiki Momoshiki. He is one of the strongest villains Naruto had to fight so far and to beat him in such a fashion was no joke. That was the extent of the power he displayed in Baryon Mode. After the death of Kurama, he lost the large chakra pool he once had due to the Nine Tail. That played a huge role in performing some of the techniques that demanded a lot of chakra.

In conclusion, it is doubtful that he would receive another power-up in the Boruto series. That being said, one needs to understand that these are mere speculations and fan theories.

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