MLB owners reportedly displeased with New York Mets' owner Steve Cohen's incessant spending: “Our sport feels broken now"

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
The New York mets have spent without abandon

The New York Mets have been spending money at an unforeseen clip. Right now, if they don't spend another dime, they will have the largest payroll in MLB history by about $150 million.

Steve Cohen is spending like no owner has ever done before and it has the potential to completely change baseball forever.

What it is doing in the short term, however, is upsetting other team owners.

According to Yahoo! Sports, one executive said:

“I think it’s going to have consequences for him down the road. There’s no collusion. But … there was a reason nobody for years ever went past $300 million. You still have partners, and there’s a system.”

An MLB executive said that this doesn't feel right:

"Our sport feels broken now. We’ve got somebody with three times the median payroll and has no care whatsoever for the long-term of any of these contracts, in terms of the risk associated with any of them. How exactly does this work? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it.”


One club official said Cohen might suffer for his spending habits down the line:

“This game is based on partnership and relationships, and these small markets are going to be really pissed at him. They’re going to try and gin up s*** and cause Rob (Manfred) to f****** get pissed at him. It’s not that they can do anything to him, but everybody needs help in this game. I don’t think he’s going to get any help.”

The spending has aggravated a lot of owners. For one thing, it makes them look cheap, even if this level of spending is patently absurd. For another, it could force the MLB to look at a salary cap like other sports- which would transform the sport entirely.

How much have the New York Mets spent this offseason?

Usually, teams with money to spend will look at a few targets and converse with them. For example, the San Francisco Giants talked with both Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa.

The New York Mets signed Carlos Correa
The New York Mets signed Carlos Correa

They nearly signed Judge and were forced to pivot to Correa, who they did ink to a deal for a moment.

That's normally how teams do it- they are in on a few big players but only end up signing one of them and only really spending that money.


The New York Mets are signing everyone they are linked to. They've signed contracts worth more than a cumulative $800 million this offseason in record fashion.

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