New York Yankees fans touched by gesture, fundraiser hosted by team for ALS patient: "Baseball is the best"

New York Yankees fans are pleased with the team
New York Yankees fans are pleased with the team's actions

The New York Yankees understand that baseball is more than just a game. It brings people together in ways that not everything can. While teams battle it out on the field, there are much more important things off it. The Yankees, by honoring ALS patient Sarah Langs, have shown a keen understanding of that.

ALS is a disease which has a unique and unfortunate connection to baseball. It's often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease because he was a very high profile patient and it ultimately claimed his life.

The Yankees, Gehrig's team, are hosting a fundraiser for Sarah Langs, an ALS patient. All proceeds will go to ALS research.

Yankees fans are thrilled to see this. They may have disagreements on the state of the team, the management and everything in between, but they can all agree that this is a welcome sight.

The Yankees may not do everything right on the baseball field, but they're determined to make an impact off of it.

New York Yankees in tight match with Baltimore Orioles

The New York Yankees endured a brief rain delay before kickstarting the second match of the four-game set vs the Baltimore Orioles. They opened the scoring with a two-run home run before extending the lead to three.

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

Then, Aaron Hicks, longtime Yankee who was DFA'd this season, hit a home run, followed by a double and another home run to tie the game back up in the fifth inning.

This comes after Harrison Bader's huge game-winning home run last night. This is a big series for both teams who trail the Tampa Bay Rays in the standings. The Yankees would like to sweep and get that much closer to the top and the Orioles would love to send the Yankees further down in the basement.

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