“Dear Mariners organization, please don’t waste Julio Rodriguez” “Julio Rodriguez is already a superstar” - MLB Twitter heaping praises on Mariners rookie after he crushes massive home run

Seattle Mariners rookie outfielder Julio Rodriguez hit his 15th home run of the season tonight against the San Diego Padres.
Seattle Mariners rookie outfielder Julio Rodriguez hit his 15th home run of the season tonight against the San Diego Padres.

Julio Rodriguez is tearing up the league. The Seattle Mariners rookie outfielder has simply been unstoppable over the past month. Ever since June 21, Rodriguez has hit a whopping seven home runs in just 47 at-bats. That's almost average one home run every 11 at-bat.

Those numbers aren't sustainable, but Rodriguez is showing the MLB something it won't forget: He's superstar material. The rookie is hitting .277 on the season and has hit 15 home runs and batted in 42 runs.

Rodriguez is more than just a power hitter. He's a threat on the bases too. He's stolen 20 bases this season. This makes him the fastest player in MLB history to reach 15-plus home runs and 20-plus stolen bases in just 81 games.

Today, Rodriguez hit a no-doubter against San Diego Padres starting pitcher Sean Manea. He hit it so deep to left field that, the second it left his bat, the commentator exclaimed, "That is a home run."

"THAT is a home run. THAT is JULIOOOO Rodriguez!"The swing: greatThe call: greatHard not to like this Julio Rodriguez blast.🎥 @Mariners

Fans had no doubt about that one: it would've been a home run in any ballpark. Twitter sounded off about something different after Rodriguez hit the bomb. They were calling upon the Seattle Mariners to recognize the depth of talent that he brings to their organization.

Dear Mariners organization, please don’t waste Julio Rodriguez talent like you did with Felix. Sincerely a kid from the northwest

Rodriguez won't get voted into the All-Star Game, but he should.

Julio Rodriguez is already a superstar

His 3.3 wins above replacement total is off the charts.

Seattle Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez hits a massive home run against the Padres, MLB Twitter reacts

Seattle Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez has hit 15 home runs this season.
Seattle Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez has hit 15 home runs this season.

Julio Rodriguez's numbers are off the charts in his last 15 games. He's slashing .330 / .377 / .782 in that time frame, not to mention his stolen bases.

I am marveled by watching Julio Rodriguez. He is with out a doubt the rookie of the year. Generational talent in our hands.Last 15 games: .330 BA, .377 OBP, .782 SLG, 18 H, 7 HR's, 11 RBI'S and elite defense in CF. This is all at 21 years old. Already a top player in the MLB.

Rodriguez's home run today traveled 429 feet with an exit velocity of 108.9 mph.

Julio Rodríguez had two barrels (perfect combo of exit velo & launch angle) in April. He has 29 barrels since May 1st behind onlyJudge (38), Ohtani (34), Schwarber (34) and tied with Alvarez (29)Rockets

While Rodriguez's stats over the past 15 games are terrific, they hold up just as well over the past 20 games.

This is absurd.Julio Rodriguez's past 20 games:82 PA, 14XBH, 6HR, 6.5 BB%, 19.5K%, .324/.378/.689/1.067, 204 wRC+

It's not often that a 21-year-old becomes a team's best player.

81 games into his career, Julio Rodriguez is absolutely the new “Face of the Mariners.” The kid is just wildly talented. #Mariners

Rodriguez is strikingly similar to Tampa Bay Rays youngster Wander Franco.

Only thing Wander Franco has on Julio Rodriguez is 3 months - that’s the only argument anyone has ever brought to the table that’s true - Julio is going to be a superstar #JROD

Rodriguez is already putting himself in the same category as certain Hall of Fame alumni.

Today was Julio Rodriguez's 80th career game. How does he stack up to Griffey through his 1st 80 games?Ken Griffey Jr.'s 1st 80 games: .285/.348/.468 (.816 OPS) 13 HR, 41 RBI, 26 XBH, 11 SBJulio Rodriguez's 1st 80 games: .277/.337/.483 (.820 OPS), 14 HR, 41 RBI, 32 XBH, 20 SB

There is no ballpark in the MLB that could've held Rodriguez's home run tonight.

Julio Rodriguez vs Sean Manaea#SeaUsRiseHome Run 💣Exit velo: 108.3 mphLaunch angle: 30 degProj. distance: 429 ftNo doubt about that one 🔒That's a dinger in all 30 MLB ballparks SEA (4) @ SD (0)🔺 4th

Julio Rodriguez and his Mariners were up 7-0 on the Padres in the sixth inning at the time of writing.

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