Josh Hader's homophobic tweet resurfaces in 2018: "I hate gay people" 

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers
Josh Hader #71 of the Milwaukee Brewers throws a pitch during the fifth inning of a game against the Cincinnati Reds at Miller Park on September 26, 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A racist, homophobic, and misogynistic tweet from the past re-surfaced on the internet moments after the former Brewers pitcher, Josh Hader, surrendered a three-run homer in the eighth inning of the 2018 All-Star Game. Screenshots of various of his controversial tweets made the rounds on Twitter, leaving baseball fans in shock.

MLB Insider was the first to retweet and share his old posts and soon other users followed suit. Many of the tweets contained expletives, and numerous of them used the controversial n-word, along with a clear message and allusion to “white power”.

There was also a stand-alone tweet that read “I hate gay people,” and several more of a racist bent, including the famous KKK.

Screenshots of Hader's insensitive tweet via
Screenshots of Hader's insensitive tweet via

Another shocking tweet that made the rounds mentioned that the only use for women is sex, cooking, and cleaning.

Screenshot of Hader's insensitive tweet via
Screenshot of Hader's insensitive tweet via

Reacting to his dark past, Hader mentioned that he was young and immature and that his behavior back in the day was inexcusable. He apologized publicly on national TV. He said:

“I was young, immature and stupid. There is no excuse for that to happen.....I’m deeply sorry for what I’ve said and what’s been going on. It doesn’t reflect any of my beliefs going on now.

He added:

“When you’re 17 years old you make stupid decisions and stupid mistakes. All I can do I just live up to what happened and move on from it. I’m ready for any consequences for what happened seven years ago. We all make mistakes. ... I was in high school. We’re still learning who we are in high school. You live and you learn. This mistake won’t happen again.”

The offensive tweets were deleted shortly afterward and Hader’s account was set to private.

Josh Hader is a 4-time All-Star

Hader made his major league debut on June 10, 2017, with the Milwaukee Brewers and is currently playing for the San Diego Padres.

He represented the United States national baseball team at the Pan American Games in 2015. He’s appeared in four All-Star team selections and is also a three-time winner of the National League Reliever of the Year Award.

"Beyond grateful for this award and to be along side these legends." - Josh Hader, Twitter

Josh Hader also holds the record for becoming the fastest pitcher in major league history to reach 400 strikeouts in 2021.

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